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    A Brief History of Women Skirts

    The invention of the skirt is one of the most significant events in fashion history. The word skirt is commonly associated with women. Still, it originally referred to a piece of fabric attached to the outermost part of a garment, such as an apron, bodice, or coat. The first women's long skirts were probably worn as part of a dress rather than as an independent garment. The first patent for a skirt to be worn as an outer garment was...

    A Brief History of Women Skirts

    The invention of the skirt is one of the most significant events in fashion history. The word skirt is commonly associated with women. Still, it originally referred to a piece of fabric attached to the outermost part of a garment, such as an apron, bodice, or coat. The first women's long skirts were probably worn as part of a dress rather than as an independent garment. The first patent for a skirt to be worn as an outer garment was issued in 1868 to Mary Phelps Jacob, but it was not until the end of the 19th century that women's skirts became popular as separate garments. Before then, skirts were worn as part of a dress, often combined with a sleeveless jacket or a waistband to create a Victorian ballgown.

    When women started wearing skirts instead of trousers, it changed women’s lives in ways that we still see today. Skirts allowed women to be active in the public sphere and freed them from the housewifely role that men had forced into them. They also changed the way women looked with the invention of the crinoline and petticoat. Women have worn skirts for a variety of reasons. The first reason was practicality. Skirts allowed women to work in fields, go to school, and participate in other activities outside the home. The second reason women wore skirts was that they were considered more feminine than pants.

    Trendy Ethnic Indian Skirts For Women Only On iTokri

    Women’s long skirts have remained a mainstay of fashion for ages and have seen innumerable changes over the years. For ages, they have been a true representative of optimum fashion and versatility.

    Not only does wearing a skirt make you look stylish but it also comes with several benefits, especially during the summer weather. Skirts allow air to pass through your legs making them cool which is a major plus point during the hot season. Skirts for women are lightweight and are made from breathable fabrics such as cotton which makes wearing them more comfortable. 

    Among the Indian and South Asian cultures, women's skirts have been a popular choice during the festival season as a traditional outfit. Ethnic Indian skirts come in a range of designs and can be worn with a number of different traditional shirts, including kurtas and blouses. Skirts are a classy choice for cultural occasions since they allow for easy mobility during lengthy ceremonies and celebrations.
    As we enter a new fashion season, there's no denying that skirts are once again having a moment. With new silhouettes, prints, and fabrics emerging, there are endless possibilities to explore. At iTokri, we have a wide collection of trending women’s skirts online, exploring the latest styles and discussing their importance in contemporary fashion. Whether you're a die-hard skirt enthusiast or simply looking to switch up your style, we will provide all the inspiration you need to rock the latest trends with confidence. So sit back, relax, and let's take a journey into the world of trending skirts.

    Types of Ethnic Skirts Available on iTokri

    There is a variety of ethnic skirts for ladies available at iTokri. Check out some amazing prints available:

    Bakit Print Skirts 

    At iTokri you can find the traditional batik technique used in various styles, colours and prints including in  batik-printed skirts . The skirts are often constructed from flexible, light materials like cotton, so they're ideal for summer use. They come in a range of sizes and designs, such as wrap skirts, midi skirts, and maxi skirts, which makes them suitable for a number of different events.

    Ajrakh Print Skirts 

    The  Ajrakh print skirts  are influenced by traditional Ajrakh motifs, which frequently include elaborate geometric patterns and striking, contrasting hues. The patterns are made by stacking several blocks together in order to form a multicoloured pattern, creating a magnificent and one-of-a-kind piece of cloth. The skirts are frequently embellished with exquisite embroidery or other details, giving them a distinctive and exclusive appearance in addition to being aesthetically pleasing.

    Pochampally Ikat Skirts

    Straight from the region of Telangana, India, the  Pochampally Ikat skirts  collection is truly one-of-a-kind. Prior to weaving, the yarns are dyed in the Pochampally Ikat style, which results in a distinctive, detailed design that is evident on each side of the cloth. On iTorki, you may get a range of Pochampally Ikat skirts in various designs. 

    Shibori Tie-dye Skirts

    A collection filled with colourful patterns and designs, the  Shibori tie-dye  skirts are great for your summer vacation. Made using a variety of techniques, including stitching, folding, and binding, the end piece is a stunning skirt that can be worn anywhere anytime. Exquisite beadwork or crochet may also be added to the skirts to further enhance their aesthetic appeal.

    Sanganeri block-printed Skirts

    The skirts with  Sanganeri block prints  are a lovely and distinctive complement to any outfit. They offer a contemporary and fashionable look that may be styled for a wide range of situations. These skirts are a remarkable and distinctive item of apparel that will be appreciated by anybody who owns them because of the meticulous attention to minute details and artistry that appears in manufacturing them.

    Kalamkari block-printed Skirts

    These skirts were made using the  Kalamkari block printing  method, an ancient art style utilised for generations in India. The elaborate motifs across every skirt are applied to the cloth by expert artisans using organic dyes and handmade blocks of wood. The end result is a distinctive and lovely skirt that highlights India's rich ethnic past.

    Hand-embroidered Skirts

    hand-embroidered skirts  are a brilliant choice of clothing when it comes to showcasing your unique and innovative fashion style. Apart from a great amount of artistic skill and talent, these skirts for women are also an item of unique clothing that adds a contemporary and stylish touch to your entire outfit for an occasion. Made with a great number of effort and time by skilled artisans, these skirts are definitely to be loved by everyone. 

    Bagh block-printed Skirts

    The  Bagh block printed skirts'  flowy form and smooth, pleasant fabric give the wearer's appearance a sense of sophistication. The elaborate block printing on these skirts is their standout feature making them a versatile piece of clothing. Carved wooden blocks are used to make the patterns, which are then dipped in organic colours to produce distinctive, colourful patterns that honour Indian culture and workmanship. 

    Why Buy From iTokri?

    iTokri is an  online handicraft shop  that not only offers you a varied range of collections but also represents the Indian culture by incorporating several traditional techniques in making those products. All the products are made with great efforts by artists and definitely worth every penny you spend on the. You can enjoy a hassle free shopping experience with great customer service and a user-friendly website at iTokri. 


    Which skirt is suitable for most ladies?

    The most suitable skirt for most ladies would depend on their personal preferences of size, style and colour. At iTokri you can skirts that are made using different fabrics and available in a variety of fits. You can find information about each product on the website as well making it easier for you to make a choice. 

    How to style an ethnic skirt?

    Pair your ethnic skirt with a quirky crop top and an ethnic denim jacket. Complete your look with oxidized jewellery for a perfect boho look. Add traditional footwear and that's it. 

    What type of skirt is most flattering?

    Our modern skirts made using traditional techniques are pretty and flattering. You can use them for any occasion. Works great as a gift for women. 

    What are the advantages of wearing a long skirt?

    Long skirts can be worn in a variety of settings, from casual outings to formal events. They can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, making them a versatile addition to any wardrobe. For those who value modesty, long skirts are a great option as they cover most of the legs and provide ample coverage.

    What is the best length for a long skirt?

    For those opting for a long skirt, selecting a skirt that fits well around the hips and thighs is recommended. A skirt that falls one or two inches above the knees is the ideal choice.

    What are the best skirts for a party?

    Parties are always fun, and we would love to plan some themed dresses to make them unique and enjoyable. Choosing printed skirts for a party would be a perfect choice which helps in making your look simple and at the same time, being elegant.

    What skirts are popular right now?

    Mini skirts, mini ruched skirts, low waist mini skirts, mini skirts with slit cutouts, wrap short skirts, mini tweed skirts, and mini knit skirts are popular.

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