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    Golden Grass handicrafts are made from the golden grass that is grown after the monsoon. The grass contains an inflorescent stick which is best suited for weaving. It is originally practiced in the residence cum workshops of artisans households.

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    Process of Weaving

    Working around seasonal grasses and traditional colors this handcrafted golden grass weaved products made with natural madur grass, twisted cotton yarn & madur Kathi reed (Cyperus tegmentum and C. Pangorie) that grows in the swampy area around Midnapur in West Bengal.

    Madur Grass of Midnapur

    The craft of "Madur" weaving is practiced in the residence cum workshops of artisans' households with the help of family members. The origin of the craft in West Bengal dates back to the Muslim period when ‘Masland’ mats of superfine variety with fine cotton as weft were produced under royal patronage.

    Curtains    Coasters    Shoulder bags    Table mats   

    Madur/ Golden Grass weaving products online

    Madur/ Golden grass weaving products are mainly found in Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Orissa and Tripura. These handicrafts products are made from the golden grass that is grown after the monsoon. The grass has an inflorescent stick and thus is best used for weaving. The main features of the products made from the golden grass are that they are sustainable, eco-friendly, and biodegradable, thus reducing pollution in the environment.

    Small artisans of these states make various products and crafts from the Madur/ Golden grass-like grass jewellery, different attractive and creative bags, key chains, coin pouch of Midnapur, door curtains, window curtains, beautiful hats, Madur mats, Madur curtains, various handicrafts made from it and different such handcrafted beautiful products. Apart from these items like baby playmats are also made with the Golden Grass. These beautiful crafts and products are loved by everyone because of their utility and strength.

    These elegant and unique handcrafted products made up of Golden Grass are readily available at iTokri. iTokri's motive is to support the livelihood of the artisans of India and contribute to the country's economy. For all these purposes and for encouraging sustainable fashion so that we can conserve for our future generation, iTokri has included a variety of these beautiful handcrafted Golden grass products.

    Golden grass weaving products and other materials

    iTokri is the best online shopping platform that focuses on the customers' needs and expectations and thus try to include only handcrafted beautiful Indian crafts at its online store. Golden Grass weaving products are one of them. All the crafts made from the Golden grass are very durable and elegant at the same time.

    The small artisans of India cultivate golden grass with their hard work. Subsequently, the Golden Grass is used for making a beautiful range of products that make your house look trendy and elegant. These products range from  doormats,  floor mats, different varieties of  curtains to  baby play mats and come in various designs and patterns—the vibrant colours of these products best suit your house. Thus, Golden Grass crafts and products are must-buy collections at iTokri.

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