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    Bomkai Saree is a hand-woven sari from Orissa, India. Originally from the village of Bomkai in the Ganjam district, it was later created primarily by the Bria community in the Subaru Nagpur district. Bomkai is one of India's identified geographical indications.

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    Process of Bomkai Saree

    Originally, Bomkai sari was made using the Jaara technique, which has a low cotton density. Warp and weft techniques are used by craftsmen to make bomkai sari. In order to catch up with modernization, design craftsmen had to make some changes to the design, but that didn't change the fact that people love Bonkaisari. The latest development by Bomkai was the introduction of zari work into the weaving workshop.

    Bomkai Weaving of Nagpur

    "One of the most interesting innovations in Bomkai's history was the introduction of Zari yarn at the weaving mill. Bomkai Sally is from a small, picturesque village called Bomkai in the Ganjam district, 156 km from Bhubaneswar, Orissa. Later it will be introduced in Sonepur. Prior to the 1950s, the region's main product mix was cotton sari and dhoti. Bomkai sari is mainly worn by Kathak dancers around the world. Aishwarya Rai also wore a Bomkai Saree in her wedding."