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    Madhubani's painting of Godna is done by the Paswan community without depictions of famous religious figures according to ancient tattoo styles. They had their own divine gods living in nature. Godna art is considered an adaptation of a ancient art form.

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    Process of Godna painting

    Godna's paintings consist primarily of rows of flowers, fields, animals, figures, and spirits drawn in sharp bamboo pencils and black ink on the lamps and concentric circles. Godna is immediately recognizable with a cow dung-based background and a black outline drawing that reinvented the original practice of tattoos. This Godna's work is in the shape of a mandala performed in concentric circles.

    Godna Paintings of Madhya Pradesh

    Godna comes in many styles, each with a specific meaning - some are healing in nature, while others are applied as rituals passing through a woman's life - such as puberty, marriage, and childbirth. However, the focus of Godna is not only decorative, this art form is also believed to have healing effects. Dalit women usually created these paintings who faced triple discrimination in terms of caste, gender, and poverty and as a result, never receive the recognition & worth they deserve.