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    Tuma craft products consist of lampshades, potted plants, wall hangings, utensils, and masks. Bitter gourd WHICH is usually inedible used to make crafts. In the past, WASTE gourds were obtained from the villagers, but now they cultivate them. Generally, jewelry is made from scrap materials.

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    Process of Tuma Craft

    Choose the natural shape you like and dry it in the sun to make it brown. The color depth depends on the age of the pumpkin, but it gets darker as it gets older. When it is dry enough, wash it thoroughly with mud that acts as a scrubber. Then it is dried again in the sunlight and kept in the water for 5-6 hours.

    Tuma Craft of Chhatisgarh

    Tuma artifacts are the only known gourd heritage that India can boast of and are brought directly from Basta, the heart of Chattisgarh. These wild giant gourds are harvested, dried, and hollowed out to become the canvas of a skilled artisan. Use a simple iron tool to engrave intricate patterns on dry skin. Tumba is a lesser-known craft from the Bastar region that has sparked widespread use of hollow clamshells. Tribes use it as a reservoir for the accumulation of water and salts that stimulate this art.