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    In Bijnor weaving, each weft thread passes over and under each warp thread, alternating each row and creating numerous crossings. Its texture is stronger and firmer than any other ordinary cloth.

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    Process of Bijnor weaving

    By using cotton twisted yarn, a fine fabric can be obtained. Jute twine is used for its coarser quality. The carpet is of medium quality, about 60 knots per inch. Graphs are used to guide the correct use of knots and colors.

    "Bijnor Weaving of Uttar Pradesh "

    This technique entered India with the Persian invaders and culminated during the reign of Mughal Emperor Akbar. He loved this brilliant embroidery technique so much that the royal vestments of his court, the decorations of the auditorium, and the tent walls all incorporated it in one way or another. Later, the British used to force poor Indians to do bijnori weaving in exchange for food. They give them no monetary value other than the food. Later, the British exported these textiles abroad.