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    Sell on iTokri

    There is no open registration for listing products on iTokri. It functions more like a classic style physical store where products are sold through our warehouse to ensure quality check and timely consolidated shipments.
    We would like you send your products collection/catalog with images and prices to with subject "SELLING WITH ITOKRI ".

    We have a little curator team who would give a 'YES' or 'NO' on your proposal.

    Our team would get back you within few working days.  If you do not get a reply to your mail within 7 days please take that as a 'NO' and don't get disheartened, there are more curators with other stores who would be ready to pick up your beautiful creations. We would not be able to explain about our selection so please do not shoot mails about that.

    PLEASE DO NOT CALL us on customer care numbers for putting your stuff on iTokri. Staff on the phone is highly unequipped to answer your queries regarding selling. Just...simply...drop a mail!

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