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    Madhubani Papier Mache, a craft where shredded paper is used to make decorative and functional items, is very different from other crafts in this region. The objects are made from pulp and are uniquely painted on the outside with designs inspired by Madhubani paintings.

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    Process of paper mache craft

    Old papers are soaked in water for a few days until they start to decompose. The excess water is then squeezed out and mixed with paper, straw, cloth ,and binding agents to form a paste. This paste is now placed in a mold and allowed to dry for three days or more. Once dry, the shape is cut from the mold into two halves and then glued together. The base color is painted on it and now it's ready to design.

    Madhubani Paper Mache Art of Bihar

    "The proud mother of this craft is ""Subhadra Devi"", a living legend. She has been in this profession since the age of 15 and was honored in this profession with a state award in 1980 and a national award in 1992. It was originally made of clay but because the clay is very thin and fragile, so on DCH's advice, Subhadra Devi started making it out of paper clay. Initially, they made decorative objects that were very colorful, ecological, and unbreakable and used to make traditional motifs such as Kohbar and elephants. Utility items are useful for household purposes and because they are eco-friendly in nature, they are very safe to use as containers for food grains."