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    Founded in 2014, Baragaon Weaves is a livelihood program for handcraftsmen in Baragaon and nearby villages in the Barabanki region of Uttar Pradesh, northern India.

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    Process of Baragaon weaves

    The design process is difficult when the designer's imagination is freely limited and execution is limited. If you choose to make the process traditional and handmade, the restrictions become even more complicated.

    Baragaon weaving of Barabanki

    The big screen has always been ambitious for everyone. Did we all fall in love with the clouds and the rain? Are you in the pain of our hero? Did you buy something like that beautiful dress they wore? Films and plays are known to reflect people's lives and times, but they often influence and promote the culture and direction of society. And one day they were told by fellow weavers in the village that one of their saris was worn by Katrina Kaif in a movie called BHARAT, now called Katrina Saree