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    Sitalpati, also known as Sitalpati, is a type of mat that is naturally cold to the touch. It is made from the Murta plant (Schumannianthus dichotomy). It is typically used in West Bengal and Bangladesh, India.

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    Process of Sitalpati

    Creating "Sital Pati" involves many complex processes. Sitalpati is made from swamp native reeds called mohtra reeds. The reeds are washed with soda and dried. Then split them up to remove the soft material inside and resize them so that all the pieces are the same width. Then boil these pieces in water for 3-4 hours and let them dry. The split coloring is done using a unique method.

    Sitalpati of West Bengal

    Sitalpati's story takes us across the border of India to Bangladesh. 'sital' means cold and 'pati' is Sitalpati meaning rug. When the two words are found together, "Sitalpati" can be said to be "cold rugs." Yes, these cold caresses are very comfortable in the summer months. This rug is so soft that even a snake won't wriggle over it. However, the Shital Pati has its own exclusivity. From generation to generation weavers have relied on the monopoly of these mats, and the family and town that runs this small business are located in West Bengal.