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    DecorativeDiwali Pooja Thali Online

    Diwali- the name itself sparks a lot of vigorous joy in the hearts of all, just like the sparks created by the sparkler or the “Phuljhadi”! The most important things to consider for Diwali are the pooja and pooja thali, arti, home decoration, sweets, gifts for loved ones, and, not to forget- the firecrackers. 

    Diwali falls on Amavasya, which is the darkest of all nights. However, people ensure that none...

    DecorativeDiwali Pooja Thali Online

    Diwali- the name itself sparks a lot of vigorous joy in the hearts of all, just like the sparks created by the sparkler or the “Phuljhadi”! The most important things to consider for Diwali are the pooja and pooja thali, arti, home decoration, sweets, gifts for loved ones, and, not to forget- the firecrackers. 

    Diwali falls on Amavasya, which is the darkest of all nights. However, people ensure that none of the houses remains dull and the whole country is gleaming with beautiful lights despite the night. 

    With the items of iTokri, make your Diwali more memorable for you and your loved ones. Every item from the Diwali pooja to gifting and decoration- we got it all covered for you. Also, purchase decorative pooja thali online and Diwali pooja essentials from iTokri. 

    Diwali Celebration 2023 - Let’s Start Preparation For The Warm Welcome

    Diwali 2023 is rapidly approaching, and many of you might already have started cleaning up your houses. Whether you are performing your Diwali party this time at your parent’s house or maybe your own brand new house, you must take care of all the pooja preparations- after all, Goddess Lakshmi will be visiting your home! 

    For the warm welcome of your guests and the Goddess herself into your house, it is important to have in place a neat and clean, and well-lit home and shrine or your in-house temple or worship area. Also, you must have all the essential elements in your puja thali, which will complete your Diwali festivities. 

    With iTokri, ensure that everything you need to perform a full-fledged pooja is there with you. We offer hand-made, customised, and gorgeous Indian items which are required for you to complete your Diwali preparations. After purchasing the items from iTokri, you would not need to purchase anything separately. 

    The term iTokri has been derived from the Indian word “Tokri”, meaning the basket of essentials. iTokri refers to the basket you can purchase online. These baskets have all the essentials for a specific purpose or occasion. All the Diwali pooja essentials are brought together in a basket by iTokri. 

    Exchanging gifts between near and dear ones is an essential practice during Diwali. To ensure that you gift nothing but the best to your loved ones, iTokri brings a variety of splendid gift options to choose from- 

    Significance Of Diwali And Laxmi Poojan

    While we all have been performing theDiwali pooja with our parents at home since childhood, only a few know its significance. For starters, theDiwali pooja is dedicated to the Goddess Lakshmi and lord Ganesha. 

    The belief is that Goddess Laxmi visits Earth on this pious occasion with gifts of wealth and prosperity. You must keep your house, soul, and clothes clean that day. Goddess Laxmi enters only the cleanest houses; thus, people in some regions also worship the broom with turmeric and vermillion. 

    Laxmi poojan with aDiwali puja thali is the essential activity done on Diwali. People worship Laxmi for wealth, promotion, success, personal virtues, spiritual prosperity, and material abundance. It is said that if you worship Goddess Laxmi wholeheartedly on Diwali, she removes obstacles in your financial life, business, or career. Laxmi is part of the “Shakti”, the force that drives the world. She demonstrates a person's comprehensive spiritual and material well-being by providing abundant knowledge, skill, and talents. 

    AdiLaxmi helps people realise that they are part of the entire creation so they can rise above insecurities and acquire strength and calmness. TheDiwali pooja helps people make Goddess Laxmi happy so that they can get rid of their struggles. 

    Along with Goddess Laxmi, lord Ganesha is worshipped as the symbol of wisdom and auspiciousness. The people remember him for giving a pious start to any occasion so that the evils and obstacles are destroyed, and people can lead happily on the path to success. He is known to bring wisdom and wealth to the families who worship him. 

    According to the great mythological book Ramayana, Diwali was the day when Lord Rama returned to his homeland Ayodhya after 14 years of exile. To welcome him, the villagers and his subjects decorated the village with diyas. Also, the welcome was marked by the triumphant victory of Ram over Ravana. 

    It is believed that from that day onwards, Diwali is celebrated as the homecoming day for Lord Ram and the day that marks the victory of the good over the evil. This reminds people that the world is a bright place; in the end, it is the good that wins, not evil. All the temples around India are heavily decorated to make this occasion more spiritual and unique.  

    Poojan SamagriDiwali Pooja Thali Must Have

    Diwali puja thali and samagri play an inevitable role in making the Diwali pooja successful. It has to be done according to the rituals to procure the best spiritual benefits. Every item or samagri of the Diwali pooja holds great significance. We might not understand this, but each samagri used in theDiwali pujathali has a strong reason to back it. These samagri hold divine energy and supreme power to attract the principles of certain deities. Also, they are filled with divine energy, which brings the virtues of positivity and piousness to the house. 

    With iTokri, you can get all the vital pooja samagri in a single basket to perform a complete Diwali pooja. We understand the spiritual significance of the pooja thali for Diwali. Thus we want our customers to be prepared for the Diwali poojan beforehand with everything they need at their disposal. Therefore, we bring baskets of varying sizes for nuclear families, joint families, or people who love hosting a large Diwali pooja. 

    Special pooja with a pooja thali set on Dhanteras and Diwali is essential to increase the strength of your Venus by offering your prayers to Goddess Lakshmi. For this, you need a range of samagri such as 

    • Kumkum
    • Chandan (sandalwood paste)
    • Turmeric powder
    • Black Abir
    • White Abir
    • Gulal (coloured powder)
    • Kapur (camphor)
    • Honey
    • Attar
    • Gomutra
    • Rose Water
    • Ganga Jal (the water of the holy river Ganga)
    • Cardamom
    • Clove 
    • Betel Nut
    • Lotus Seed
    • Oti Samagri
    • Panchmeva (the mix of 5 dry fruits) 
    • Ghee Diya or Diwas
    • Chunri (for the Goddess)
    • Cotton wicks or Batti
    • Mauli Thread
    • Agarbatti (incense sticks)
    • Altar Cloth
    • Dhoop

    We pack all these samagri carefully in ourpuja thali onlineto maintain their originality, lustre, and fragrance. Apart from this, we offer special products for a big Diwali pooja such as Coconuts, mango leaves, Gold and  silver coins  etc. They add more value and holiness to yourDiwali pooja. 

    Apart from the samagri, an essential thing that you need to complete your Diwali celebration is sweets and dry fruits. Diwali is incomplete without  Diwali Sweets. You must keep these sweets in theDiwali puja thali and offer them to the gods before giving them to the family members. 

    Aartis To Recite During Diwali Poojan

    The Hindu aartis are not mere words. They are powerful mantras or chantings that make God hear your voice and your prayers. Thus, it is important you do your prayers effectively and sing all the aartis correctly on Diwali. It is believed popularly that the louder the family sings the aartis, the more chances are of God listening to and responding to their wishes! 

    While goddess Laxmi is the most important deity for Diwali, her aarti is a must to complete theDiwali pooja

    Some other aarties that you should recite in theDiwali pooja include- 

    • Aarti of Lord Ganesha
    • Aarti of Lord Rama
    • Aarti of Lord Vishnu
    • Aarti of Goddess Laxmi

    Apart from this, you can recite the aartis of your devi-devata (the ones you worship the most) or your local deities. 

    Tips To Decorate Your Worship Place For Diwali

    While decorating your house is quintessential, Diwali is incomplete without decorating your pooja room. As we have read above, a neat and decorated house is where Goddess Laxmi resides. Therefore, it is important for you to decorate your in-house mandir or your worship place for Diwali. 

    You should start by cleaning the mandir. You need to clean all the idols in the mandir or buy a new one if possible. Those with staunch beliefs and appropriate finances often purchase  Laxmi Ganesha idols  made of Silver or Gold. You can purchase the idols depending on your budget and your temple size. 


    Keeping silverware is considered auspicious to enhance the beauty and devoutness of your temple. iTokri brings you a range of silver decorative pooja thali to keep all the essential samagri for yourDiwali pooja. Your incense stick stand, kalasha, sindoor container and sweets look good in a silver thali. 

    Before using your silverware, however, you should ensure that it is clean and polished. However, if you purchase a new pooja thali from iTokri, you will find it so gleaming that light will reflect on it. You can also use other silver items such as silver coins, idols, a silver umbrella for your in-house temple etc., as silver is considered auspicious and makes the pooja room or mandir more decorated and pious. 


    The next thing you must add to your pooja room is Diyas. Diwali is incomplete without diyas. iTokri has the perfect range of handmade and designed  Diwali diyas, with beautiful colours and prints. We have diyas of multiple sizes, and you can choose for your mandir depending upon its size. With diyas, you can light up your pooja room and create visual effects. Using diyas is a better option than LEDs or lights as it saves electricity and is a natural lighting solution. However, you must keep all flammable objects or clothes away from the diyas. 


    Another thing you can decorate your pooja room with is a Rangoli. Who wouldn’t love a beautiful rangoli on Diwali? You can create a rangoli in your pooja room (if it is big enough), outside the room, or even in the doorways. With the  rangoli colours  by iTokri, which are anti-allergic and dust-free, you can create beautiful rangolis for any place in your home to add four moons to your house during Diwali. Also, we have rangoli design pallets which help beginners make eye-catching rangoli designs within minutes! Rangolis add colour and vibrancy to your room and home; thus, they should be a part of yourDiwali pooja room decorations. 


    The next thing on our list is flowers. Flowers bring a natural fragrance and a sweet essence to the house. Also, they are very beautiful and a natural way to beautify your pooja room. You can decorate your room by placing flower garlands on the idols or photos of gods. You can also add flowers to your rangoli designs to give them a 3D effect. Flowers come with a positive and nature’s luck and are a must for an attractive  Diwali pooja  room decor. 

    Light and Lamps

    For the roofs and the walls of the home and the pooja room, hanging  lights and lamps are gorgeous elements for decoration. There are multiple types of lights, such as coloured bulbs, fairy lights, LED lights, disco lights, strip lights and the most famous ones these days- neon lights. iTokri has a variety of beautiful hand-made decorative pieces to shine light in the entire room. These pieces come with hand-graved textures- all you need to do is light a diva, place the pieces as a cover over the diva, and witness eye-catching patterns of light on the walls and roof! 

    You can also use colourful lanterns, with or without bulbs, to decorate your pooja room. The most prevalent options in lanterns today are paper and jute lanterns. The lanterns at iTokri come in varying sizes and designs and are so colourful that they add great value to your pooja room decorations. They come with an option to fit a lighting bulb with which you can make the colour of the lanterns even brighter at night for yourDiwali pooja room decoration to look grand.  


    Tips To Make The Environment More Pious

    To add more spirituality to your pooja room and your home, you can light incense sticks or dhoop with a good fragrance. This automatically lightens up everyone’s mood and makes the pooja room and the whole house smell fantastic. Adding sandalwood powder to your thali offers a divine fragrance to the pooja room for a long time. With the incense sticks, dhoop, camphor and sandalwood powder from iTokri, you can circulate fragrance and positivity in your house using traditional and natural methods. 

    As an add-on, you can play devotional songs in your music system to invoke the feeling of spirituality and piousness in all the family members. This will enlighten your soul so that you can perform a more devoted arti and please the goddess Laxmi and lord Ganesha.

    How to Decorate Your Pooja Thali for Diwali?

    If you already have pooja thali for Diwali at home, but it is not one of our traditional hand-painted pooja thali, you would probably be wondering how you could decorate it for the pooja. Here are some of the best ways you can decorate a pooja thali for the auspicious occasion of Diwali.

    1. Water filled Pooja Thali decoration: Decorate the edge of your pooja thali with colours, gota or lace. Then, fill the thali with water but not in a way that it overflows. Then, place a diya or lotus flower in the middle and spread flower petals (preferably rose) in the water-filled thali, along with a bowl of chawal and roli each.
    2. Banana Leaves Swastika Pooja thali decoration: Cut a banana leaf to the size of the pooja thali and use roli and chawal to make a “swastik” on the leaf. Finally, place the puja essentials, diyas and marigold on the thali to finish.
    3. Haldi and Roli Pooja thali decoration: For this decoration, you will first need to apply oil around the thali and then put some Haldi (turmeric) and roli on the thali and spread it evenly. Then with a matchstick, make designs on the thali and place the pooja essentials on the thali.

    Why choose iTokriTo Buy Aarti Thali for Diwali?

    Now that you know all the pooja thalis iTokri offers, you might be interested in what items we curate in our other collections. We must mention that whether it is Holi or Diwali, we curate a vast range of products for each festive season and also offer these items at the most affordable prices. On our website, you will also find weave materials for ethnic clothing and essential items for your daily lives. It would be quite correct to say that we never skimp on quality and our long list of satisfied customers prove precisely this fact. Besides that, we always provide your fast, hassle-free delivery.


    What are the best pooja thalis?

    Ans. We have given the list of the best Pooja thalis above. Besides that, we have a collection of Kansa pooja thalis which you can buy and utilize as well.

    What is the range of pooja thalis that you have?

    Ans. Besides the traditional hand-painted pooja thalis for Diwali that we have listed above, we have a range of  Kansa pooja thalis  that you could decorate for the occasion of Diwali. We have them in multiple sizes too. We also have other products necessary for Pooja like Kansa bowls.

    What are the essential tips to know for decorating a pooja thali?

    Ans. We have mentioned a few ways that you can decorate your pooja thali for Diwali after our listing of traditional hand-painted pooja thalis.

    What makes iTokri gifts item unique?

    If you are not looking for something materialistic but something which has added value, you should visit the items of iTokri. iTokri designs and makes all the items with a deep understanding of their main goal. Whether you want items for festivals, gifting or decoration purposes, we understand the value and the emotional and spiritual connection with the items you intend to purchase. That is why most of our items are crafted with love and the hands of skilled craftsmen. 

    What things should Diwali pooja thali have?

    ADiwali pooja thali should have the things all the essential earthy elements such as sandalwood, sindoor, clove, cardamom, betel nuts, mango leaves, camphor, rice, etc., along with incense sticks and sweets to offer to the gods and then distribute amongst the family members as Prashad. 

    Visit the website of iTokri to lay hands on more exclusive gifts for almost every occasion. We offer you a variety of  Karwa Chauth Gifts,  Bhaidooj Gifts,  Karwa Chauth Sargi  Items etc. If you wish to ensure that you enjoy your festivities with complete dedication and all the essential items with you, purchase anything you want to make your festival complete online at iTokri.

    What is a Diwali Pooja Thali?

    Puja thali is a plate which holds quite different puja articles like ghee lamp, bell, kalash, akshata, two vessels (like kumkum, turmeric powder, chandan, or abhir) followed by vessel of water. 

    How to do diwali poojan?

    • Make sure to clean your entire house.
    • Prepare the puja altarm along with kalash
    • Decorate pooja rooms with lights
    • Perform pooja with fruits and homemade sweets

    Diwali poojan thali can be used for other occasions too?

    Yes, you can use them. But when you have different pooja accessories, you can keep the poojan thali for diwali separately.

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