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    Looking for some new Indian fabric to give an update to your wardrobe? You're in the right place! iTokri offers a vast collection of high-quality, affordable, and authentic textiles sourced from India's finest weavers and craftsmen - all delivered straight to you at lightning speed. Get access to all types of Indian fabric online- from casual wear material to wedding wearfabric from India and everything in between. Shop our curated selection today and find what you've been looking for without hassle!

    Discover The Perfect Indian Fabric Collection For Your Wardrobe at iTokri

    Finding the perfect fabric for ...

    Looking for some new Indian fabric to give an update to your wardrobe? You're in the right place! iTokri offers a vast collection of high-quality, affordable, and authentic textiles sourced from India's finest weavers and craftsmen - all delivered straight to you at lightning speed. Get access to all types of Indian fabric online- from casual wear material to wedding wearfabric from India and everything in between. Shop our curated selection today and find what you've been looking for without hassle!

    Discover The Perfect Indian Fabric Collection For Your Wardrobe at iTokri

    Finding the perfect fabric for your next wardrobe update is a hassle. You scour the stores in person, searching for that ideal material, only to be disappointed by overpriced options. At iTokri, we are committed to making your online shopping experience easy and making it simple to find suitableIndian fabrics for your wardrobe and under budget. We’ve sourced the finest fabric collections straight from the locals and delivered them all online – from casual, formal, and wedding wear to rare fabrics that skilled artisans have beautifully crafted.  From everyday wear to wedding fabrics and everything in between, get access to it all without leaving your home. We'll bring you only high-quality material directly from the looms.

    Magic of Indian Fabrics for Tropical Climate

    India has a tropical country with major areas of the country experiencing extreme weather conditions. Scorching heat in summers and blistering cold in winters. 

    When you live in such extreme conditions you require clothes to give you comfort, and breathability to bear the extreme hot temperatures.

    Fabrics like cotton,linen, and rayon offer the much-needed comfort  for the hot summers. You can select from the huge variety of fabrics available on iTokri and pick suit pieces, suits, dresses, sarees, kurtas, or kurtis as per your choice.

    On the other end, when the temperature starts dipping, nothing works better than woolen. iTokri has an impressive collection ofwoolen fabrics to help you bear the biting cold. You can even select a classic traditional woolen shawl from their wollen shawl collection.

    Fabrics Online: Let Your Creativity Flow

    Are you all set with your design ideas? If yes, all you need to do now is get the suitable fabric material for executing your designs.

    Indian fabrics have always been known for their uniqueness in texture, patterns, weaving style, and more. Whether for festive occasions or daily wear outfits, Indian designer fabric online has always been on top of the charts regarding ethnic clothing. For that, team thesefancy fabrics with some excellent design, and you have your style ready. Get inspired by iTokri'sonline fabric store, which has a massive assortment of modern, elegant, and trending prints to create your very own designs of beautiful blouses & shirts or unique furnishings such as curtains, carpets, and cushions. Explore our large variety of designer Indian fabrics from chiffon fabric to georgette fabric; cotton fabrics such as mulmul fabric and Kota Doria fabric in silk & cotton; embroidery fabrics in brocade, raw silk & khadi; floral print fabrics & saree fabrics in alluring Kantha work,chanderi silk & Ikat fabrics & many more. So believe us with our assurance and buyIndian fabric online from iTokri to get the best quality at your doorsteps; your new fashion statement is just a click away!

    Make Your Festive Season A Success WithFabric Material From India.

    Ladies, do you want to add wow and glitter to your wardrobe this festive season? If yes, please check out the ‘iTokri’, the best online fabric store, just with a single click and get unique pieces of fabric design for your loved ones. Thisonline fabric store is right here for all who want to buy unique, classy &fancy fabrics that everyone loves. We assure you that this festive season, wearing and gifting ethnic Kurtis and fashion apparel will be trendy because, with iTokri, it is easy and without compromising quality. So, make a different choice this festive season and buy fabrics online with our vibrant, hand-printed, and handcrafted dress fabric range along with all our exquisite quality.

    Keeping in mind the latest fashion styles, you can create custom fashion trends for yourself & your family members with our wholesale fabric. Team upShibori fabricprinting withAkola fabrics, chiffon-sequins, authentic Maheshwari silk fabrics, cotton suits, Indowestern wear, or any Indian wear to look royal and stylishly beautiful. With traditional, exciting, and unique prints, we are just a click away to fill your closet with beautiful clothes. So, come and discover the artisanal treasures from India and get ready to explore new designs and prints of our unique fabric cloths. Don’t just shop for style. Shop for stories with our sustainable fabrics material.

    Create Runway-Ready Creations From Your FabricMaterial

    The modern traditional woman might have a closet full of traditional outfits for various occasions in life. But for festivals, weddings or parties, she would need a newfancy and traditional fabric every time. To explore the country's rich tradition and royal heritage, you can now shop for fabric material online from here at iTokri. With us,  you will find almost all kinds of designer materials and suit fabric online famous in India across states and thus will be able to create runway-ready creations from your fabric in no time. We even have the perfect materials to satisfy your need for shirt fabric online.  And if you are looking for some quilting material, let us tell you that iTokri is also one of the best quilting fabric stores online. 

    As all of us know, spring and summer are the perfect seasons to wear Palazzo pants with long Anarkali kurtas; finding suitable running material online for the same becomes significant. If you want to take your fashion game up a notch, try pairing them with Bandhini Prints, hand-dyed fabrics, or Mulberry Silk from iTokri. From family events to weddings and other celebrations, Anarkalis will always be in style. You can also delight in the rich and decorative fabrics of Chanderi Silk. The Chanderi Silk fabric is one of the most beautiful and decorativeprinted fabrics available. You can buy Chanderi Silk fabric in various luxurious designs to create stunning Indian garments, including indo-western dresses and saris. Manufactured by a rich heritage dating back to the older times, this fabric has been bought by royalty worldwide.

    The dazzling range of materials online at our store includes fabric for stylish lehnga choli dresses, palazzo pants, Anarkali salwar kameezes, and more. With several colors available, you can find one that perfectly fits your preferences. So, order fabric online all across the world and design your custom dresses for various occasions.

    iTokri Has A Never-Ending Assortment Of Fabrics

    iTokri, one of the best online fabric storesfor Indian fabric, has a vast collection of fabrics to choose from. Moreover, our fabric outlet online allows you to select your material and style, making fabric online shopping simply easy for you. So, choose your favourite wholesale fabric online in your choice of color and get a one-of-its-kind dress tailored to set a new trend.

    Customize your gorgeous & trendy clothing with an extensive array of designer materials from iTokri’s fabric warehouse online. When worn with ethnic footwear and big earrings, baggy tapered denim pants look great with a stylish ethnic top designed with Sanganeri prints. The look can be enhanced further by wearing Kutch Block prints and hand embroidery. You can select the perfect printed fabric online to get your desired look.

    Buy a Different Range Of Fabrics Online from iTokri.

    iTokri, an Indian handicraft store is your destination for all things woven and embroidered. Our assortment of cotton, silk, and linen fabrics means something for everyone and every occasion. So whether you’re looking for something to relax in or a statement saree, our handcrafted selection will have something to delight even the most discerning shopper. Buy from a variety of handmade fabrics and products from India, with a range of cotton fabric online, designer georgette fabric online, silk fabric online, linen fabric online, and batik fabrics online to stock your wardrobe with the best fabrics. Buy plain cotton fabric material or get your choice of embroidered fabric online to make blouses, kurtas and dresses. Choose between our wide variety of ikat materials and banarasi fabric.

    So, grab your hands on these beautiful materials to design your dream outfit. The plain cotton fabric online, the banarasi silk fabricgeorgette material online  and cotton material online are some of our bestsellers.

    Fabrics And Its History

    Fabrics are an identity of human beings. It is a cloth or material produced by weaving the threads. There are numerous types of fabrics, such as cotton, silk, nylon, wool, linen, etc. Before the advent of fabric, men used to cover themselves with animal skins. There has always been a dispute as to when humans started wearing clothes. The first use of cloth dates back to some 10,000 - 50,000 years ago. The textile first came into existence in the Middle East during the late Stone Age. Since then, the industry has evolved so much. The way people carry themselves has changed, and now clothing has become a status symbol.  Some cave paintings suggest that the people dressed in the Paleolithic era, around 30,000 years ago. Archaeologists have also discovered several sewing tools that confirm their existence.

    Types Of Fabric Materials In India

    Yarns are knotted, looped, woven, crocheted, or stitched to make fabrics. A variety of products are made from fabric materials apart from clothes, such as handbags, footwear, diary covers, and many more. Cotton, silk, linen, etc., are the oldies that are still ruling the latest collection of fabrics around the world. The designs have changed over time, and these fabrics perfectly blend themselves with the latest patterns.

    Importance Of Fabrics In Today's World

    We often take the textile world for granted. But clothing is a necessity for survival. We coexist with the fabrics! From the scorching heat to extreme chilly weather, they protect us from the devils of weather seasons. The textile industry uses more than 8,000 chemicals to make billions of meters of square fabrics. It deteriorates the environment. It discharges many chemicals in the water bodies, so there is a need to adopt natural fabric materials. Thus, switching to sustainable and eco-friendly fabric has become very important. 

    The Unique Specialty Of Fabrics Made In India

    India is a land of textiles. Every state has a different fabric. And each state has something unique to offer. The country exhibits its culture and tradition through the type of clothes it produces. Here are some of the fabrics made in India.

    1. Handloom Fabrics: India has more than 26-lakhs of handloom weavers. This  fabric material is created on a weaving device called the loom. The designs are so intricate that even the power looms cannot make it. The fact that it is handmade makes it more appealing. The local artisans put a lot of effort into the making process and deliver almost new designs every time.

    2. Hand-Painted Fabrics: The designs on the fabric cloth are made by the direct use of a brush known as 'kalam' or sometimes with a wooden mold. The rural people with natural dyes create these beautiful designs. Hand-printed fabrics material are made into various garments that give traditional and chic vibes. The best results of the hand-painted technique are obtained on pure cotton and silk.

    3. Plant-based fabrics: They come from different parts of the plant. Cotton is the natural fabric obtained from the seed of a plant. Some other plant-based fabrics are jute, hemp, and coir.

    4. Animal-based fabrics: Similar to plants, animals are also a source of famous fabrics. The widely known silk is a product of a silkworm. Other animal-based fabric materials are cashmere(from Kashmiri goat), sheep wool, and mohair. 

    Exclusive Fabrics On iTokri

    iTokri is a handicraft store offering the best quality fabrics in India and around the globe. Don't just read the range of fabrics we have; start browsing through the elegant options once you go through some of them. You can find cotton, silk, South India, naturally dyed, pure handloom, fabrics from Rajasthan, tie& dye, Ikat, Pochampally Ikat fabrics, Kutch block prints, Jacquard, Ajrak, Bagh print, Pipad block, Kalamkari, Batik, Bandhani fabrics, Mangalgiri cotton, Banarasi, Jamdani fabrics, Jhiri cotton, Dastkar Andhra fabrics, and whatnot. The list is never-ending.

    You might have heard about some of the fabrics mentioned above for the first time. Stay with us and learn everything about the new fabric materials you came across.

    • Pochampally Ikat Fabric:  Ikat is a traditional textile technique used to create decorative patterns on fabrics. The patterns are created by tying dyes to thread, which is then woven into the fabric. Ikat is often associated with Pochampally, which is known for its elaborate ikat textiles. One of the most well-known Pochampally textiles is the ikat fabric, which is often used to make shawls and dresses. Coming straight from the district of Telangana state, Pochampally has traditional geometric patterns dyed in ikat style. It is a perfect fit for sarees and dress materials. Pochampally Ikat Fabric, also known as the Pochampally Ikat, is a unique textile that is woven using a natural dye material called Ikat. It is characterized by its vibrant patterns, which are produced by a traditional dyeing process. Ikat is a method of dyeing fabric using materials such as leaves, roots, berries, and barks of native plants to produce unique and beautiful patterns. The fabric is considered luxurious and royal. The name Pochampally comes from a small town in Telangana State, India where Ikat textiles were originally woven. The Pochampally village is known for its cotton textile production. The village is home to many cotton mills and weaving centers, which have contributed significantly to the economy of the village. Today, Pochampally Ikat Fabric is one of the most popular fabrics in the world because of its unique designs and high-quality material. It is used to make different types of garments such as suits, shirts, scarves, sarees, etc. This fabric has been quite popular because of the traditional process that is used to make it. The finest Pochampally ikat is made in Pochampally and is known for its intricate geometric designs and bright, bold colors. The intricate geometric patterns are created by passing fine yarn, called threads, through holes made in a cloth piece. Textile weavers in the region have been creating these amazing geometric patterns on cotton cloth for generations, each piece unique and original.
    • Ajrak Block Prints:  Ajrakh block print is a traditional Indian printmaking technique used since the 15th century. It is a method of woodblock printing on textiles, where the design is carved into a block of wood, which is then inked and pressed onto a piece of fabric. Ajrakh block prints are characterized by their vibrant colors and detailed patterns. Block prints are a specific type of printmaking that has been used in many different cultures across the globe. Ajrakh block prints originated in India and this style of printmaking is a very distinctive type of textile print. Ajrakh block prints are traditionally made using natural dyes and these prints are used to decorate garments such as saris and shawls. The designs of ajrakh block prints are very distinctive and these prints often feature intricate patterns and shapes. The fabric originates from the Ajrakhpur Village of Gujarat. Artisans in the village are very skilled, and the printing dates back to around 400 years ago. The patterns are unique and beautiful. Ajrakh is a style of block printing that was originally used in the manufacture of fabrics but is now also used to make art and souvenirs. The process of making ajrak fabric is unique, as the design is first carved onto a wooden block, which is then stained and pressed in order to transfer the design onto the fabric. The carving of the ajrak design onto the wooden block is an art in itself, with intricate patterns, stylized images, and delicate colors used. The designs are then transferred to the fabric using a chemical process, which binds the design to the fabric and makes it permanent. A traditional piece of Ajrakh block print fabric would consist of the following colors: madder root red, indigo, and iron black. Choose the fabric of your favorite color and use it to design any type of stylish garment that you want. You can create a salwar kameez, Anarkali, or any indo western look using these naturally beautiful ajrakh block print fabrics.

    • Pipad hand block print Fabric:  Hand block printing is an artisan process used to create unique fabrics that cannot be reproduced by machine. The process involves printing on fabrics using relief printing, also known as intaglio printing. The fabric is first printed on one side, then flipped over and printed on the reverse. The relief printing method causes the inked area to be raised above the surface of the fabric, giving it a 3D appearance. The patterns are made from a wooden blocks. They are pressed onto the cloth to create elegant designs. The designs are mainly geometrical. And the motifs include leaves, flowers, birds, and a depiction of women performing Garba dance. Pipad is a hand-block print fabric developed in India. It is inspired by traditional indigo dyeing techniques, which are said to have been discovered by the Portuguese in the 16th century. The dye used in traditional indigo dying is made by fermenting indigo plant leaves with yeast, which gives the dye a distinctive blue color. The fermentation process used to create the dye is also said to have been discovered by the Portuguese. Pipad is a hand block print fabric, finely woven from cotton and linen, which originated in India. It has become a popular choice for home furnishing and decorating, due to the unique texture and design features it offers. In traditional Indian textile manufacturing, hand block printing is a method of printing fabric using stencils. Here, the weavers use a fine, soft cloth to transfer images onto the fabric, before the fabric is transferred to the loom. Pipad uses only the finest hand block prints, which are then expertly stitched and sewn together to create each piece of clothing. Pipad’s collections feature prints that are abstract, nature-inspired, and often incorporate geometric shapes and patterns. The result is a wearable and eclectic collection of fashion that is beautifully unique. Now upgrade your styling game with iTokri’s varied collection of pipad hand block print fabric. You can find different uniquely designed fabrics with stunning prints and colors. Tailor the fabric according to your fashion needs and get a chance to stand out from the crowd on any occasion!

    • Kalamkari Fabric:  Kalamkari is a handmade fabric produced in Andhra Pradesh, India. There are two different styles of making this fabric: Srikalahasti and the Machalipatnam style. The first style includes using a pen to create various designs, such as the deities of the Hindu religion. The second style includes dyeing the fabric with vegetable dyes. Kalamkari is a unique style of hand-painted textile design originating from the Indian state of Gujarat. The technique is traditionally used to decorate textiles and fabrics for use in interior design and craft but has also found a place on paper, ceramics, and other materials. The word 'kalam' in the name of the style means pen and ‘Kari’ means work. The kalamkari style is characterized by vibrant, bold, and striking designs created using a complex combination of many dyes. The patterns are typically geometric or floral-inspired and are created using stencils and resist patterns. Kalamkari technique involves impregnating the warp (vertical) threads of cotton fabric with metal salts, which leave a distinctive metallic pattern once the fabric is dry. The resulting fabric has a lustrous sheen and is often used for upholstery and tablecloths. The process has eventually evolved its significance not only in the garment industry but also has become famous in the interior design industry. The kalamkari traditional art form has been very famous for its gorgeous hand paintings on fabric. A special pen is used to produce the required design on the fabric making it a handcrafted fabric with the love of Indian local artisans. You can wear these detailed and skilfully printed design fabrics on any occasion. Use the fabric to make a salwar-kameez suit, saree, Kurti, dress, or any other garment. Now all eyes would be on you during any occasion. Their gorgeous prints and vibrant colors definitely demand everyone’s attention and deserve to be added to your wardrobe. At iTokri you can find an exquisite collection of kalamkari sarees, kalamkari stoles and scarves, kalamkari dupattas, and kalamkari crafts. Our mesmerizing collection of kalamkari fabrics is going to leave you in awe. You can give your clothing a traditional touch with these fabrics.
    • Mangalgiri Cotton Fabric: Mangalgiri pattern comes with an exclusive design. The cloth is used to make the famous zari border saree. Motifs like mango, leaf, parrot, gold coin are present on this fabric.

    • Jamdani Fabric: The fabric's origin is in Bengal. It is widely known as Muslin. Jamdani is a cotton-woven fabric that is hand-loomed. It comes in distinct colours and patterns.

    • Dastkar Andhra Fabrics: As the name suggests, the material is produced in Andhra Pradesh. It includes handloom cotton textiles. The plain and striped fabric is predominant. Dastkar Andhra preserves their culture.

    • Banarasi Fabric: From the religious heart of India, Varanasi, the Banarasi silk rules our heart too. It is a symbol of a culturally rich India. It is known for the gold and silver brocade designs called 'Zari.' The fabric has metal-like visuals that make it more alluring.

    • Shibori Tie& Dye Fabrics: Tie& dye never gets old. All the natural fibres like cotton, jute, linen, etc., are great for tie& dye. The result is a beautiful colourful fabric. Shibori is a Japanese technique that produces dyed clothes from the resist dyeing procedure. Shibori fabric has an enhanced look when made on a white-coloured cloth.

    • Fabrics From South India: There is something unique and elegant about the materials of South India. These traditional fabrics are further classified into different types of textiles, such as Kasuti embroidery, Kancheepuram weaves, and many more.

    • SanganeriBlock Prints: The hand block printing procedure is used to manufacture the cloth from the Sanganer village in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Sanganeri block prints are mostly done using wooden blocks on a white cloth.

    • Bagh Print Fabrics: Geometric patterns with black and red colours predominate the cloth. The Muslim Khatris started bagh print. The technique involves the use of natural colours. These vibrant patterned fabrics are a product of Bagh village in Madhya Pradesh.

    • Bagru Dabu Print Fabrics: As interesting as the name sounds, the cloth is also attractive. The material looks stellar when made into ethnic wear and home decor.

    • Tussar Silk Fabrics: The fabric comes in all the natural colours and has a unique shine. Tussar silk fabric, when worn, gives a light and airy feel.

    • Akola Print Fabrics: The fabric has its roots in the Akola region of Rajasthan. The techniques known as Phetia and Nangna are exclusive to this area. These beautifully made patterns look good in every traditional wear.

    • Kantha Work Fabrics: This sustainable fabric is produced from the old lungis, sarees, and cotton dhotis that go soft over time. Running stitch, satin stitch, darning, and loop stitches are some of the stitches that make this fantastic fabric complete.

    • Leheriya Fabrics: The name suggests itself! Leheriya material comprises wavy lines on a wide variety of coloured cloths. It is the traditional tie-dyeing practice that is done in Rajasthan.

    • Kota Doria Silk & Cotton Fabrics: This is an exciting combination in which the cotton gives strength to the cloth while silk gives the necessary shine. The name Kota Doria comes from the Kota region of Rajasthan.

    • Silk FabricA natural fibre, especially a protein fibre. Silk comes in a limited number of variations that can be made into textiles. Typically, silk is made out from cocoons of moth larvae, specifically the captive-bred Bombyx mori mulberry silkworm.

    • Ajrakh FabricFabrics with Ajrakh hand block prints are typically printed using hand-carved pieces of wood and organic dyes. Ajrakh's principal hues are crimson-red hues originating from madder flowers.

    • Chanderi Silk:  Chanderi silk is the finest option if you want to go for a distinctive and sophisticated appearance. Pure Chanderi silk fabric breathes new life into every outfit design because to its translucent texture and inherent sheen.

    • Modal SilkHis ground-breaking light, flexible, and breezy fabric will be a great fabric choice for experimenting with various patterns. It is also an eco-friendly and long-lasting solution for clothes. whatever the occasion, this material, which is manufactured from deciduous tree pulp, can offer your garments life and provide you the opportunity to experience luxury with elegance.

    • Pure cottonThe perfect material for you to use anytime. Cotton is one of the most comfortable and versatile fabrics that you can use no matter what type of product you want to produce using it. Its lightweight and good absorbent quality makes it a perfect pick during summer.

    Be it a festive season or someone's birthday; these items are the perfect gift you can give to your loved ones or yourself.

    Shop Authentic Handspun Indian Fabric Online At iTokri From All Across The World

    If you have been yearning to get some amazing Indian fabrics, you can easily use our international shipping services to order them online from us. No matter if you want this fabric for personal use or if you wish to get wholesale fabric directly from India in bulk, iTokri will be your trusted ally. From pure cotton to Banarasi fabric, we are here to help our international clients shop to their heart’s content. 

    Ways To Choose The Right Fabric

    Finding the right fabric is the most challenging task. And it gets more complicated when you have to decide it online. It would be best if you relaxed because we have already done the research. Here are some of the qualities that one must look at while choosing the fabric.

    1. Comfortable
    2. Durable
    3. Sturdy
    4. Finishing
    5. It does not shrink after washing. 
    6. Look for the designs. 
    7. Consider the weather season.

    Go through the product description if buying online and look for the abovementioned qualities. If you are at an offline store, there is always an option to feel the material and know the softness.

    Why Buy From iTokri?

    Indian style has no adjectives to match for as it's all about a way of living an artistic, relaxed, and rustic life. iTokri offers modern, contemporary and traditional designs for women to express their elegance and match it with the prevailing trends. We are a world full of sassy fashion, timeless clothing and accessories, beautiful home decor, mesmerizing talent from around the country, and all the goodies of life. In short, Indian Culture is yours to explore! So if you are looking for handmade Indian Dupattassareesdress materialstolesface maskshome and kitchenjewelrywoollens  for  international orders or  bulk orders, you need to check out our fantastic product range. We also have a good range of gifts such aspaintingsrakhirakhi sweetsrakhi hampers, herbal holi colour,organic gulal sets,corporate diwali gifts and Diwali gifts to serve you the best purpose. 

    Here at iTokri, we create a marketplace to bring craftspeople of India together with you to showcase their wide range of beautiful goods. iTokri is a community that believes in the spirit and dignity of work, the beauty and joy of learning, and most importantly, celebrating human nature through connecting people, knowledge, and ideas!

    FAQs On Fabrics Of India

    How to Choose the Best Fabric for Clothes?

    To select the best fabric for your dress, first, decide what kind of dress you want to make. Then check the weight of the material, followed by the drape (how the fabric falls), and finally, check whether the fabric stretches well or not. Make sure the colour is even and free of any spots or streaks when you inspect the fabric. Examine the fabric carefully for any signs of uneven colouring. If you find any locations where the colours are fading, especially around the fold line, you should switch to a different cloth. If you detect light colours in some places of the fabric, unless it's part of the pattern, don't buy it because it means the colour will fade when you wash it. When choosing your fabric, keep the shrinkage factor in mind. You must know whether the fabric will shrink after washing. Each cloth shrinks at a different rate. To be on the safe side, add an extra 10% of fabric to the mix.

    What are the Pros & Cons of Different Fabrics for Clothing?

    Fabrics play a significant role in making your looks and comfort. To help you, here are the pros and cons of some commonly used materials.

    • Cotton - Cotton fabric breathes well, keeping you cool and dry if you happen to sweat a lot, but it wrinkles quickly and needs constant ironing.

    • Linen- Linen is a highly comfortable fabric, and it's really easy to wash. It has a lot of uses and is used in almost every type of clothing these days. But it also has some downsides, like its poor elasticity, coarseness, relatively higher price, and tendency to wrinkle easily.

    • Silk- One of the world's most exquisite clothing fabrics is silk. It has a rich, luxurious, and soft appeal. During the summer, silk reflects its colours under sunlight in a fantastic way. However, silk is a more expensive fabric than most others, and it can be hard to care for. In addition, some people feel that it's not an ethical clothing choice because worms must be killed to make it.

    • Polyester- Polyester may appear to be simple, but it's actually a chemistry project! Polyester is a synthetic material manufactured by combining air, water, and petroleum in a chemical reaction. As a result of this mixture, an artificial fabric called polyester is created! Polyester is also thermoplastic, which means it can be melted and reformed into different shapes, such as thread. Polyester's stretchiness is due to its thermoplasticity. I'm sure you weren't anticipating a science lesson when you came here!

    • Wool- So where does wool come from if cotton comes from plants and polyester comes from science? Wool can be created from the coats of goats (known as cashmere), alpacas, llamas, camels, musk oxen (qiviut), and even rabbits (angora wool). These living creatures' coats are shorn, cleaned, scoured, and spun into yarn to make wool. Wool yarn can then be woven into clothing, blankets, and other items.

    • Fleece- Fleece isn't so much a fabric type in and of itself as it is a categorization of the other fabric kinds we've discussed so far. Cotton fleece, polyester fleece, wool fleece, and other less common types of fleece are available. All fleeces, however, have a few characteristics in common: they're soft, fuzzy, warm, and insulating. Fleece is perfect for corporate sweaters, custom embroidered vests, company coats, and logo-branded sweatshirts because of this. Fleece is also fantastic as branded outerwear because it breathes and wicks sweat nicely for insulating material.

    What is the best material for cloth?

    When it comes to materials, the simplest approach to figure out if they'll work is to first figure out what you want them to do. Is it necessary for them to move with you or to create a distinct silhouette? Is there a unique technique to clean these, or can you just throw them in the washing machine? Are you going on a trip, attending a particular event, or simply looking for something interesting to wear on a regular basis? All of these elements will influence the fabrics you select. Cotton is considered the best material because of its comfortable fabric.

    What is the most durable fabric for clothing?

    Linen is a durable fabric that gets softer with age. It’s hypo-allergenic, breathable, and absorbs moisture. 

    Not only that, but it's also anti-microbial, which means it's bacteria-resistant. As a result, unlike synthetic fabrics, it will not stink up the washing machine. This fabric can survive repeated washings and heat, and it gets stronger when wet. With features like these, it easily outlasts synthetic textiles in terms of durability. What's the best type of fabric?

    There is no best type of fabric. Every material has different use cases. And every material serves uniquely in different weather seasons. One can consider cotton to be one of the best fabrics. It is breathable, durable, and works great in every season. Else, one should consider a material's properties while choosing the fabric.

    What are Indian fabrics called?

    Khadi, also known as Khaddar, is the honour of India. Khadi is related to ancient India. It is handwoven and spun in the country. Silk, wool, or cotton fabrics are used to create this stellar material. It's a fabric that can be worn in both the summer and the winter. Khadi is mostly manufactured in India's countryside. Mahatma Gandhi introduced Khadi in an attempt to develop self-employment opportunities and eliminate the usage of foreign-made clothing. Khadi, on the other hand, is increasingly widely used in the creation of designer clothing. It is no longer referred to as "poor man's fabric." It's a cloth that's popular not only in India, but also around the world.

    Which fabric is best for summer?

    Summer is bright and pleasant, but it makes it a little more difficult to keep a polished appearance when the temperature begins to tamper with the sweat glands. But, hey, you don't have to suffer as much as you may think when the temperature rises. During the heat wave, it is feasible to look smart and attractive without sweat patches, and it does not require exposing skin. Instead, it's all about selecting wise fabric selections that you can count on as the weather warms up. Cotton, linen, silk, and khadi are the perfect fabric for summer. They are breathable and durable. In addition, they give us a cooling effect when we sweat.

    How can you identify quality fabrics?

    There are several factors that can determine the quality of fabric. Fabrics that are natural and of good quality are typically very absorbent. See how quickly the cloth absorbs liquids by lightly wetting it and pressing it with your fingertips. Instead of leaving an even wet area, moisture should move along the fabric's threads. Compared to heavy textiles, lighter textiles are typically less expensive and more brittle. The fabric density is a wonderful way to choose more lasting products since it indicates a sturdy construction.

    How can you tell if clothes are good quality online?

    You can read our description about the clothes and we assure you to provide you with high-quality fabrics and products. One can also check out the customer feedback available online that can help you determine the quality of it.

    Why is fabric useful? 

    Fabric is essential for a simple piece of clothing as well. It is the base used to create any garment. There are several types of fabrics available which can be used according to their specifications and properties. It is literally the foundation of any product made using it. It is also a versatile resource that can be used to not only produce clothes but also several other things such as napkins, rugs, towels, bedsheets, etc.

    Why is fabric important in clothing? 

    Fabric is important in clothing because it ensures that your piece of clothing is constructed properly making it sturdy and appropriate for wearing whether daily or occasionally. Good quality of fabric also makes your experience of wearing that particular clothing more valuable and pleasant. It is better to do and post wash as well it remains up to date.

    What makes Indian fabrics unique?

    Indian fabrics are well known for their intricate weaving techniques, beautiful textures and rich colours. These fabrics are imbued with the essence of our cultural heritage.

    How do I care for Indian fabrics to make their longevity?

    It is advisable to get your Indian fabrics dry-cleaned to preserve their texture. In case of any spots or stains, you just tend to it immediately with some mild detergent and waters

    Can I use Indian fabrics for international fashion trends?

    Yes. In fact, many designers in the international fashion industry have used Indian fabrics to add that extra edge and appeal to their outfits. Silk brocade blazers and pants are quite a rage at the moment.

    Can I order custom quantities of Indian fabrics?

    Yes. You can order custom quantities of Indian fabrics from iTokri. 

    Do you ship Indian fabrics internationally?

    Yes. We have an international shopping service for our Indian fabrics.  

    What is the return/exchange policy for international orders?

    Once the orders have been shipped from our warehouse, you cannot exchange or cancel it. Upon receiving the order, you can ship it back to us at your expense and once we revive it at the warehouse, a full refund shall be given to you. 

    Are your Indian fabrics sustainable or eco-friendly?

    Yes. Our Indian fabrics are sustainable and eco friendly. 

    Have you shipped the fabric material to the UK, USA, Canada and UAE too?

    Yes. We ship the fabric to UK, USA, Canada and UAE as well.

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