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    Manjusha art is an ancient historically important form of art in Bhagalpur, Bihar. It is often referred to by foreigners as a snake painting, as the artist's swirling snake tells the story of the love and sacrifice of the main character, Bihula.

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    Process of Manjusha Art

    Manjusha art is made of Sanay wood and Sola board. Manjusha art is made with 4 corners, but a special type of manjusha is quite different from 4 corner manjusha art. This steamed bun has 6 corners, and 8 stakes support the stand in addition to 4 stakes.

    Manjusha Art of Bihar

    " The paintings mainly depict various characters of the goddess Vishahari and Bifra Vishahari Gatha. The story is about Bifura, who saved her husband from the curse of God and the bite of a snake. It is also known by the serpent goddesses Bishahari and Mansa not only for their anger when they are uncomfortable, but also for their intense protective instinct when they are soothed. There is another story related to this. Lord Shiva and Pearlvati accepted five daughters who had fallen from the five hairs of Lord Shiva who had fallen into the Sonada River. Their names are Jaya Bishahari, Dotira Bavani, Padmavati, Mina Bisahari and Maya Bishahari. These gods are the main characters in the paintings of Manjusha."