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    In Quilted appliqué, a small piece of fabric is sewn against a large background. The stencil is used to cut the patch. This refers to quilts or other projects that already have fabric installed.

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    Process of Quilted Applique

    The basic quilt appliqué technique is to sew a small piece of cloth or decoration onto a large piece to create a design or pattern. The fabric can be hand-sewn or sewn, and the raw edges can be turned inside out or covered with decorative stitches. The appliqué can be placed directly on another cloth or glued.

    Quilted Applique of Gujarat

    The history of appliqué cannot be so identified. It was not an art form, but a convention that was inevitably born during difficult times. The appliqué was first discovered when the clothes were torn and needed repairs to make them look good to wear. Craftsmen sewed torn areas using patches of convenient material, later known as patchwork. Textile appliqués are an important form of art and craft in Benin, West Africa, especially in the Abomey region, a tradition established in the early 18th century.