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    Pattu weaving is very popular throughout Rajasthan and it is a general weave. Pattu weaving is widely used in Rajasthan and other parts of western India. Traditional pattu clothing is found in Barmer, Jaisalmer and their neighboring villages.

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    Process of Kashida Embroidery

    This fabric is used for weaving twill on looms and many methods are produced through interlocking and complementary weft imaging. In the bending process, different types of warp strips with complementary colors are included on both sides of the loom, and then the interlocking technique is used to achieve the pure color. The spool contains a weft thread of the same color as the separate strip, applied to weave restricted sections of the strip.

    Kashida pattu of Rajasthan

    "Pattu is traditionally used by the Meghwals and other pastoral communities, who trade in wool and other agricultural and dairy products than in the past for pattu; as these serve well in cold weather as well as on cold nights and are used as wool scarves, shawls, headscarves and blankets In addition to their functional value, they are also an important part of rituals and their traditional rituals. Pattus is an integral part of the gifts given to the groom and his relatives during the wedding ceremony. There is no class distinction in the making of the Meghwals pattus, however, the economics of the buyer influences the design and this is indirectly related to the social rank of that class. The Jats and Bishnois used nice, decorative pattus and the quality became more raw and less decorative with the lower level communities."