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    Khun is woven exclusively on a loom in Guledagudd, Bagalkot region, Karnataka. Used only for sari blouses, this handmade fabric is easily recognizable by its small white intricate motif and distinctive reddish-purple border.

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    Process of khun fabric

    After the yarn is dyed, spun, dried, and combed, it is sent to the loom. The fabric size is initially 31 inches. However, adapting to the changing times, the weavers increased the size in meters. Durable and beautiful, Khun retains its luster even after multiple washes.

    Khun Weaving of Karnataka

    Historically rich, Khun fabrics are still very popular in modern times. With a glossy sheen and unique texture; Kan cloth is currently used to make jewelry, kurta, decorative items, etc. India is well known for its traditional weaving, and Khun is one of them. Khun is said to be a 4,000-year-old fabric made in the Karnataka and Maharashtra regions. Khun is documented as being produced in India after the Chalukya dynasty. Over time, the importance of this weaving diminished as the weavers could not make a profit.