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    Bagh Prints Dupattas

    Buy Bagh Print Crafts Online 

    Check out the mesmerising, traditional  Bagh Print sarees  online that will make heads turn at every event. You could also ...

    Buy Bagh Print Crafts Online 

    Check out the mesmerising, traditional  Bagh Print sarees  online that will make heads turn at every event. You could also explore and buy  Bagh Print stoles  and scarves online to match your outfit. Were you looking for the best  Bagh Print dress material online? Your search ends at iTokri. Get designer suits and dresses made of these authentic dress materials and also check out the best  Bagh Print fabrics  online for levelled up suits and Indian dresses. Also, explore the exquisite collection of the beautiful  Bagh Print crafts  of India and give your clothing and house a little traditional touch.

    Bagh Print Art Originated From

    The Bagh Print Art is a traditional Indian art that began in Bagh in the Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh. It is said to be over 1,000 years old with the technique being passed down from one generation to the next. The art may have been brought to Dhar by printers from Rajasthan or by the Muslim Khatri community that currently practices this ancient print art. There is a geographical peculiarity about the Bagh print because the Bagh area is close to the bagh river, which helps provide the water necessary for washing of fabrics and processing of the vegetable dyes. The chemicals in the water enhance the texture of the dyes and provide the characteristic luminous, glossy quality to the Bagh print. Check out iTokri's collection for authenticBagh online products.

    Range of Bagh Print Dupatta at iTokri

    iTokri's beautiful collection of Bagh handblock printed dupattas consists of Chanderi silk Bagh printed dupatta, Natural Cotton Bagh printed dupatta and Natural dyed Chiffon Bagh print dupatta. This mesmerising range of authentic Bagh print looks absolutely stunning on each one of these fabrics. The chiffon fabric is lightweight, perfectly holds the natural dyes and gives a luminous texture to the print. The Chanderi silk is a timeless fabric that adds glamour to any print or dye. The luxurious feel of this fabric and the stunning print will make sure this Bagh natural dye dupatta is noticeable to everyone! Lastly, the classic natural cotton dupattas are the ideal option for everyday wear and match with all kinds of traditional dresses and suits. The comfort and style of this cotton printed dupatta will make sure you keep coming back for more.

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    Why Choose iTokri

    iTokri is your ultimate online shopping platform where you can buy traditional Indian handicrafts and ethnic products, available in great variety. Our mission is to help everyone appreciate the lost and iconic traditional arts and crafts of India, and the skilled rural artisans that have preserved it to this day. We source our handmade products from these talented artisans and craftsmen all over the country, from their local regions. These products are made with great attention to detail and each item is unique. iTokri ensures authenticity and the quality of your product. You can rely on us to deliver the product quickly and in a hassle-free manner, with lots of love and care. 


    What is Bagh block printing?

    Bagh block printing is an ancient art of printing that involves wooden blocks on various types of motifs are carved and then printing is done with natural vegetable dyes. 

    Where did Bagh print originate from?

    Bagh print finds its origin in the Bagh area in the Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh. It is an area close to the Bagh river, which is said to have helped in the washing of the fabric and processing of the natural dyes involves in Bagh printing. 

    How to style with Bagh Print Dupatta?

    Bagh printed dupatta creates a style statement in itself and is printed all throughout its surface. This is why pairing it with a plain salwar kameez or suit brings out the print more effectively. The floral motifs of the Bagh print go naturally with several ethnic styles, like anarkalis, straight suits, palazzos, and many other options. 

    What kind of dye is used for bagh printing?

    Natural and vegetable dyes are traditionally used to create the characteristic Bagh print. Red and black colours are the most common, however, Indigo, khaki and mustard dyes can also be used.

    How Can I identify a bagh print?

    The characteristic Bagh prints are usually floral, paisley or geometric motifs printed over a light cream background with red and black dyes.

    Apart fromBagh printed dupattas, you can explore iTokri's huge collection of traditional Bagh print Indian apparels likeBagh print fabric,  Bagh print long skirts,Bagh print blouse fabrics,  Bagh print textile and gorgeous  Bagh sarees.

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