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    Traditional Nosepins & Clip-on

    Complete Your Indian Traditional Look With Nose Pins

    In Indian culture, every piece of jewellery has a special meaning. From bangles to anklets, from toe rings to earrings, each one of them depicts significance and symbolises true beauty. Among all these trinkets, nose pins and rings have always been given a higher place for their impact on a woman’s sexuality and her uterus health, accordingto Indian culture. 

    Complete Your Indian Traditional Look With Nose Pins

    In Indian culture, every piece of jewellery has a special meaning. From bangles to anklets, from toe rings to earrings, each one of them depicts significance and symbolises true beauty. Among all these trinkets, nose pins and rings have always been given a higher place for their impact on a woman’s sexuality and her uterus health, accordingto Indian culture. 

    Women and girls who have a slightly large nose often worry about not looking good with the nose pins, but it is the other way around. If picked correctly, any nose ring or pin can enhance your beauty tenfold! Explore a fantastic collection of silver nose pins online, crafted by intricate handwork of Indian artisans and brought to you by iTokri.

    Accessorising WithNose Pin Traditional To Look Chic

    Although earrings, rings, and necklaces are considered an essential part of accessorising, to look fabulous, the way a nosepins accentuates your look, nothing else can beat that! Whether you wish to make your traditional look breathtakingly beautiful or want to jazz up the casual look, it can be styled in any way, that too effortlessly. Here are some looks you might want to try out with various nose ring designs. 

    • Tribal design for a boho-chic look

    Bring out the beauty of your white kurta and a pair of skinny blue jeans by combining the look with a nose ringwith a tribal design all over it. You can alsoget an Afghani-style traditional nose pin design online if you wish. Black kohl eyes, a messy bun, and a pair of Kolhapuri chappals will indeed give you a perfect boho touch. 

    • Traditional nose rings for a divine look.

    Let the goddess in you feel free during this festive season by wearing a traditional silk saree and vivid eye makeup with that eyeliner wing on point! Add a maang tikka, and youare ready to make them feel awestruck by your true Indian beauty.From the festive season to weddings, such nose rings are perfect for anything traditional. They will end up making you look like a Goddess!

    • Effortless everyday accessorising

    Why keep them for occasions when you can wear nose rings and pins every day for effortless styling? From western outfits like jeans, palazzos, jumpsuits, and some dresses,to traditional andindo-western looks,small nose pins can go well with any look if you pick out the perfect design. So keep it minimal for the western, boho for the indo-western, and traditional for the festive or wedding looks, and you will make everyone fall head over heels for you! 

    Get yourself the beautiful carved with precision stone nose pins orring nose pins online from iTokri. Being lightweight and easy to wear, these will not put too much pressure on your piercing if it is newly done. However, if you feel redness and pain, apply a little mustard oil mixed with Haldi to reduce the inflammation. Also, try to stick the light studs instead of the heavy nose rings for the new piercing. If you do not wish to get a piercing done or looking for a nose pin without piercing, grab a clip-on nose ring, and you are all good to go!

    Surprise Someone Special With Handcrafted Nose Pins By Itokri

    If you wish to surprise someone special in your life, like a mother, wife, sister, or good friend, jewellery is the best way. It is an ideal option for gifting on any occasion, whether for birthdays, anniversaries, or festivals. To make the gift a little more unique, buy a handcrafted nose pin made of oxidised alloys or silver. Nose pins are an essential part of Indian culture. It brings out the elegance of women in the best way while making them feel empowered and beautiful. 

    Gift nose pins and  earrings online  with quirky designs to someone who loves to rock the boho-chic style with a bit ofa gipsy touch. Minimal patterns and a small design on nose pins are loved by someone who adores adding minute details to their personality. These and many other options are readily available if you wish to buy oxidised nose pins online in India. 

    iTokri brings to you a world of nose pins and nose rings from some of the best artisans and silversmiths in India at a reasonable price. All these jewellery pieces are so affordable, and you can gift at least ten pieces to someone who loves them so that they can create various looks with such an essential part of Indian culture. Not just these, you can also explore all kinds of handmade  oxidised jewellery online,  crafted with precision by expert craft workers in India on iTokri. 

    Explore The World Of Quirky Handicraft With Itokri

    Bring the beauty of Indian handicrafts from every part of the country into your home and life with a fantastic collection at iTokri. Buyphulkari dupattas,  face masks online  that are hand-painted with beautiful designs and patterns. You can flaunt it while keeping yourself safe from pollution and infections. Stylish traditional and tribal-inspired jewellery is perfectfor your everyday, festive looks. You can also buy sarees and dupattas over here if you are looking for a wedding or anniversary gift for someone special. 

    There is a beautiful collection of home decor ideas over here adding a little warmth to your home. Colourful drapes, bed sheets, embroidered cushions, wall hangings, and vividly painted tableware and stationery, are perfectfor Diwali, anniversaries, birthdays, festivals, and even weddings. iTokri brings the world ofIndian handicrafts online, which you have never experienced. Buy one for yourself or gift one craftwork to someone you love, in India or overseas with iTokri. 

    Looking For Exquisite Nose Pins Online? Delve Into The World Of iTokri

    It is accurate that India is a land of enchantments - be it for monuments or exquisite jewellery. Since ancient times, women have donned traditional outfits and jewellery that are nothing less than mesmeric. A nose pin is one of those pieces of jewellery that is bound to make any woman look stunning when paired with exact attire. Nowadays, it is possible to buy nose pins online,and youhave the liberty to choose from a wide range of nose ring designs.

    Be unique with your latest nose pin design

    You can dazzle up your attire with any design. Apart from being traditional, you can be elegant withmodern nose pin designs. There's no dearth of exquisite designs for nose pins. Now let's have a look at some of the trendsetters:

    Gold nose pins: Gold never fails to impress a woman of taste. You will be astounded to see how glamorous a lady can look if agold nose pin is paired up with akalamkari saree. However, the most trending ring design isthe gold Mookuthi design nose pin. Grab one for yourself today.

    Silver nose rings:

    Silver is one of the most affordable jewellery materials in Indian society. You will find huge impeccable silver nose pin designs online. It's very unlikely that you will stop yourself after just choosing one.

    Oxidised nose pins: Are you in love with nose pins and want to keep in fashion by wearing a different one daily? If so, youcan buy oxidisednose pins online and redefine your look with your uniqueness. These nose pins are known to be pretty much affordable and can complement your everyday look.

    Get the tribal look with nose pins: Explore the tribal look by mixing up your choice of tribal attirewith a modern nose pin design. Dazzle yourself for some casual occasion with a chic nose pin, top knot bun, denim upper wear, white cotton skirts, and Kolhapur chappals. What about a sambalpurisaree and a silver nose pin?

    Make your loved one feel precious by gifting her handcrafted nose pins

    A nose ring is an intimate piece of jewellery, and gifting your loved one a fine piece nose pin may mean the world to her. Be it any occasion, jewellery is adorned with the utmost respect by women. Make such an occasion extra special by choosing handmade nose rings. You can buy extraordinaryhandcrafted nose pins at iTokri, your one-stop destination for accessories and ethnic wear. 

    At iTokri, your desire for anything traditional, from jewellery to saree, everything will be addressed, and you are bound to be impressed with their collections. You can also adorn yourselfwith stonenose rings of your choice. A nose ring studded with precious stones like diamond or ruby adds a level of sophistication and elegance to your beauty, and nothing can beat such a natural aura. Apart from jewellery, you can also explore theironline handloom store to choose anything from authentic dress materials to beautiful handmade rakhi hampers.           


    Can a nose ring be used as an earring?

    Yes, you can wear a nose ring as earrings; just get them in pairs. Clip-on and the one witha screw can easily be worn as cartilage earrings if you love to wear multiple ones on your ear. 

    Which side of your nose should you pierce?

    Traditionally, the left side of the nose is the best for piercing, but the right side is the one where you are comfortable. In some southern states, the nasal septum and both sides are pierced, but it is on you in the end.

    What does a nose ring symbolise?

    Every culture in the world has a different meaning for the nose ring. It is a symbol of marriage in some traditions, while it depicts one’s sexuality in others. In India, it symbolises creating favourable conditions for childbirth and adding constructive changes in her sexuality after marriage.


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