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    Enamel crafts are decorative techniques that apply glass glaze to metal objects and surfaces that melt on the surface with intense heat, creating a brightly colored decorative effect.

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    Process of Enamel Work craft

    Enamel is made from glass powder, colored by oxides. It is applicable to wet or dry metal. The metal is then heated to about 850 degrees Celsius. Heating is usually done in an oven, but can also be done with a hand torch. The heat melts the enamel and melts the metal. The heating time is short, usually up to 10 minutes.

    Enamel Work Craft of Jaipur

    Many of you may not know that Enamel is used in revitalizing outdoor furniture. Even hard plastic outdoor furniture can fade after enough time. Color enamel paint in a spray bottle brings this furniture to life again. Use a pressure washer set to low pressure or use a hose, soft brush, and mild detergent to clean furniture. Let the furniture dry completely, then spray two coats of enamel paint.