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    Chirala Kuppadam sarees are a masterpiece blend of silk cotton body and pure silk, zari woven border. These are simple unique sarees with bare minimum motifs as well as paisleys, checks, and zari buttas.

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    Process of Chirala Kuppadam Saree

    Chirala Weaver produces cotton sari and Seiko sari, which are a fine blend of cotton and silk fibers and Kuppadam. Generally, "fly shuttle looms" are used in Chirala. Chirala's hand-woven fabrics are comfortable to wear, and suitable for all climates. Hand flutter is also another interesting design feature of Chirala design, which manually adds color during the Zari design.

    Chirala Kuppadam Weaving of Andhra Pradesh

    Chirala Cluster Weavers are actually categorized as Independent Weavers and Master Weavers. Their area is also famous for the production of traditional varieties of Zari Sally and Dhoti but that is limited to the local market. And talking about Kuppadam, These saris are especially worn at pujas and other religious events, as the edges of the sari usually have temple motifs printed. In Andhra Pradesh, without wearing Kuppadam Sarees, festivals and religious events are incomplete.