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    Complete Your Gorgeous Looking By Carrying The Best Womens Clutch 

    Clutch handbags  also known as a  ladies clutch purse or  party clutches  are elegant small sized  Ladies clutch bags  usually without straps that can be used as a very comfortable accessory to carry things when going out.  Clutches for women  

    Complete Your Gorgeous Looking By Carrying The Best Womens Clutch 

    Clutch handbags  also known as a  ladies clutch purse or  party clutches  are elegant small sized  Ladies clutch bags  usually without straps that can be used as a very comfortable accessory to carry things when going out.  Clutches for women  are an important part of women’s accessory collections because of their varied uses. Since  women's clutch bags  are small in size they are usually used to carry small items such as cards, keys, make–up, money, mobile phones, or any other essential item.  Womens clutchesare not only a great way to add the final touch to your outfit but also allow you to carry different things with you when you go out. 

    Clutches  should be your favourite company when going out. When you are planning to buy a  ladies clutch bag  it is necessary to take into account various factors such as the occasion, your outfit, material, size, etc. Whether you are going to a wedding or casually meeting friends  has  best handcrafted clutches  for all types of occasions. If you have a wedding to attend then we have  clutch bags for weddings  or if you have a grand party to follow then we have amazing  party clutch bags  options too. Looking for a perfect  bridal purse  that will make your wedding look more elegant? You have come to the right place. We also have  embroidered clutch  that you can carry on Indian festival occasions to make you stand out from the crowd. Our  designer clutch  is surely going to make a good impression on you in front of the people you are surrounded by at any event. You can carry them to an office party to create a good impression in front of your boss and manager. 

    Buy Clutches Online From  At The Best Prices 

    Get ready to enter the world of amazing  handcrafted clutches  at iTokri .  Clutches for women  are a great way to give your attire a more upscale appearance for formal gatherings or a casual occasion too. Since  handmade clutches  are small in size they are easy to carry around. Unlike big handbags,  side clutch bag  are comfortable since they aren’t heavy and big in size.  

     is your go to place for shopping  clutches online.  We have one of the most elegant and affordable collections of  clutch bags online.  While visiting business conferences, where it is not typically required to bring many items, you can easily carry a clutch bag as it is an appropriate accessory since it comes in a tiny size. It's really cosy, and you can bring whatever you need.

    Planning to  buy a clutch online ? Browse through our wide assortment of  clutches for women  which consists of plain  clutches  to highly detailed and colourful  party clutch bags.   Choose a  handcrafted clutch  that not only makes you look great but also showcases your personality. If you are old school person maybe consider opting for our  antique finish oxidised German silver clutch.  Or if you want a  designer clutch  that is rich in look choose our  Chikankari Zari Hand Embroidered Tussar Silk Clutch/Sling Bag,  Lucknow Zardozi Hand Embroidered Raw Silk Clutch,  or  Lucknow Zardozi Hand Embroidered Raw Silk Clutch.  These clutches are handcrafted with intricate designs using raw silk material. For daily use you can browse through  Original Chain Stitch Hand Embroidered Velvet Clutch Purse  which are available in different designs and colours. Pure, high-quality velvet clutch with hand embroidery in chain stitch these clutches are a must-have.

    Why Buy From ? 

     is the best destination for buying handmade clutches. From casual and simple clutches to royal designer clutches we have all types of clutches available for you. A simple click will add another great accessory to your handbag collection. Apart from clutches for women  also specializes in  designer hand bags for women,  beautiful wallets,  laptop bags and sleeves,  Handmade Mobile Pouches  / Charging Holders / Covers, Beautiful Handcrafted  Shoulder Bags,  and  Stylish Sling Bags for Women  & Girls. Our user-friendly website will give you an easy and quick way to buy clutches online. 


    What makes handmade clutches valuable?

    Handmade clutches are valuable because they are made using authentic raw materials with love from local artisans. Handmade products provide a different level of comfort to us since they are pure. Every handmade product 

    Are handcrafted clutches trending?

    Yes, handcrafted clutches are making a comeback and definitely set a trend. Handcrafted clutches are making a comeback since people are opting for products that are physically handcrafted. Buying a handcrafted product allows us to support local artisans too. 

    What makes the clutch so important to women?

    Clutches are important for women since they allow them to carry important small items such as cell phones, make-up, comb, keys, etc easily anywhere they go. They provide them an opportunity to look great while also helping them to take care of their belongings. 

    Is a clutch bag worth it?

    Definitely, they are worth it. Clutch bags are useful not only because they are attractive but also because they are portable. By carrying all your necessities, you won't feel heavy or risk ruining your look. 

    Is a clutch considered a handbag?

    Yes, clutch bags are a small version of handbags that are useful because they are easy to carry around. 

    How do you wear a clutch bag?

    If the clutch bag as external straps you can simply put it around your neck sideways as a slide sling or also hang it on one shoulder straight. Similarly, if the clutch does not have straps then hold it in your hand with the help of its handles. 

    What is a clutch bag made of?

    Clutch bags are usually made of different fabrics such as leather, silk, velvet, tussar silk, jute, cotton, etc. 

    What size is a clutch bag?

    The size of the clutch bag is determined by the shape in which it is moulded. The standard clutch size would be Width: 18cm, Height: 14cm, Depth: 5cm. 

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