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    Bihar's ancient Sikki crafts are attracting worldwide attention for their beauty, practicality and environmental friendliness. Traditional crafts have not only spread across India, but have also found niche international art galleries and markets.

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    Process of Sikki Craft

    First of all, let it cool and dry the flower heads. Toys, dolls, and baskets (Dolci) are woven. Sometimes objects are drawn. Shiki boxes, called pouti, are given by parents to their daughters when they get married. Chests are used to store new doors, trinkets, and jewelry.

    Sikki Grass of Bihar

    The history of Sikki crafts shows that grass crafts have been around for hundreds of years. It is difficult to ascertain the exact age of this craft. However, as a craft used in business, this has happened more recently in the last few decades. The manufacture of various kinds of utilities, sacred images and toys, mainly from the pools of Sikki, is an integral part of the lives of women in the northern Bihar region. The main tool, the "takua," is a 6-inch needle-shaped iron object with a round head used to hold the needle.