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    Kutch Applique is one of the oldest and best handicrafts in Gujarat. The art form uses different patches of fabric with different colors and patterns placed together to create a multicolored canvas that resembles a jigsaw puzzle. Work is used to create attractive and vibrant quilts, wall hangings, bedspreads, and clothing.

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    Process of Kutch Applique

    To make an appliqué patchwork, you first need to prepare the base of the product. Kutch craftsmen lay the groundwork with patchwork. First, decide on the design. Once the pattern is established, the pieces of fabric are sewn face up by creating the required shape. The appliqué patchwork base is now complete and properly ironed.

    Kutch Applique of Gujarat

    The history of India's patchwork can be traced back to the days when folk women of the indigenous communities of Gujarat produced large canopies. Rani Ben family was one of a family of artisans who migrated from Pakistan to India during the Indo-Pakistani division. During this period, they brought nothing but the ancient embroidery and patchwork that was taught to them by their ancestors. To earn a living, Rani Ben's family moved to Kutch and continued to work as a patchwork and sequins. Here, these craftsmen were discovered by an NGO called Kala Raksha and supported to promote the creation of patchwork household items that can meet the style of the world. contemporary world.