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    Traditional Toe Rings

    Spice Up Your Accessories Game With Antique Toe Rings

    Traditional toe rings probably had a significant impact on your dressing if you are a youngster of the 1990s.  Toe rings, also known as bicchiya are worn by Hindu married women in India. The traditional silver toe rings are typically composed of silver metal and therefore are worn in sets on the second toes among both feet.

    Toe rings for women have been a major part of their

    Spice Up Your Accessories Game With Antique Toe Rings

    Traditional toe rings probably had a significant impact on your dressing if you are a youngster of the 1990s.  Toe rings, also known as bicchiya are worn by Hindu married women in India. The traditional silver toe rings are typically composed of silver metal and therefore are worn in sets on the second toes among both feet.

    Toe rings for women have been a major part of theirjewellery box for ages. The second finger of the feet is considered a good acupressure point. It is believed that when women wear a real silver toe ring in this place, the point is constantly pressurised by toe rings, which helps to regulate a woman's menstrual period. It also strengthens the uterus so that the chances of conceiving a child increase effectively. This is the scientific basis for the benefits of wearing Indian toe rings. 

    There is a rebirth of toe rings. Toe rings are returning, nevertheless, just in time for the Navratri festival of '22 to lend a touch of class to your Navratri attire. Toe rings are an incredibly well-liked and famous part of women's jewellery collection that can be styled, and matched with various outfits for any occasion. If you are looking to buy toe ring online then you have come to the right place. iTokri has a vast collection of various types of silver toe rings online in India.

    Toe rings and their elegance, shop at iTokri for the authentic handmade jeweller’s collection

    Toe rings have an elegance to them that matches western and ethnic styles alike and this piece of jewellery has been a part of traditional Indian culture for a long time as well. Toe rings have great cultural importance as there are several beliefs and significance surrounding this accessory. Toe rings for women have been a popular and global fashion statement and through itokri's authentic handmade Indian style toe rings for women, the traditional art, legacy of crafting and the significance of toe rings as a part of India's culture has been explored more. iTokri provides the best deals on shopping original handmade toe rings online and builds the most comfortable platform online for ordering as it provides for international shipments and customers can place orders globally.

    iTokri is the best store for Indian handicrafts

    iTokri uses the experience and knowledge of India's craftsmanship and creates jewellery and various other natural handmade and handcrafted products. iTokri brings out classical and timeless Indian art and makes use of its unique creativity to give shape to jewellery like toe rings, necklaces, bracelets, and trademark artworks like handmade Madhubani paintings on natural handmade paper or handwoven fabric. Ordering products on iTokri is easy and accessible from anywhere in the world. iTokri has been the most beloved site for authentic handmade Indian products. Indian artwork and the distinctive tribal and traditional form of craft have been kept alive and are being spread and shared all over the world with the most reliable authentic online site for Indian handlooms and décor, iTokri.

    From the elegant fabric that speaks of the taste of India, to Bandhani Dupattas, and different forms of embroidery like the famous Phulkari Embroidery are just to name a few of what iTokrihandicrafts store offers from the vast and unique world of Indian culture.

    Shop for the best designers toe rings online at iTokri for authentic Indian products and experience.

    Some of the most popular handcrafted jewellery, apart from the toe ring collection includes, the collection of handcrafted necklaces, earrings,hairbands,Juda pins,hair clips andrubber bands and a lot of others.

    Origin of Toe rings

    In ancient India, since the mythology of Ramayana, toe rings have held a significance where it was written that Sita slipped away her toe ring when Ravana abducted her so that lord Rama could find her. The history and origin of toe rings can not be not strictly said to be just from ancient India as it has been discovered that in ancient times, Egyptians also supposedly wore them for adornment and ritualistic purposes. Apart from them, the extremely powerful warriors, the ancient Celtic women also wore toe rings as a symbol of social class and it was one of the most popular accessories that they wore. Regardless of their history and origin, toe rings are a vastly popular and well-loved piece of jewellery that can be adorned, paired and matched with any style that we want.

    Buy Silver Toe Rings Online From iTokri At The Best Prices

    Get your hands on the exclusive collection of pure silver toe rings online at iTokri. iTokri has made your silver toe rings online shopping much easier by providing you high-quality real silver toe rings. Available in various sizes and designs these toerings are a must-have. Women who want to look their best and enjoy a number of health advantages can do it with the help of iTokri's antique silver toe rings.

    The toe ring collection consists of different material-made toe rings such as brass toe rings, platinum toe rings, oxidised toe rings, real silver toe rings, etc. Made of high quality material these toe rings are worth putting on your second finger of the feet. Silver toe rings online shopping could be difficult as knowing a perfect size, and design and figuring out the quality can be problematic. But with iTokri, your toe rings online shopping can never go wrong. We have unique handcrafted toe rings made from the perfect material for you. 

    We also have a huge collection of lambani necklaces,miniature hand painted necklaces,rings,nosepin,anklets ,meenakari bracelets and a lot of beautiful accessories. 

    Health Benefits Of Toe Rings

    According to Ayurveda, the woman's uterus is directly connected to the nerve on her second toe. Therefore, it is known that a small amount of pressure from the toe ring can control the menstrual cycle. It is also recognised to maintain uterine health.

    The bichhiya is traditionally worn on the second toe of the foot by married ladies, while the third toe is reserved for single women. Unmarried women are allegedly helped by putting a silver toe ring on their third toe to eliminate or at least lessen period pain.

    The Acupressure Benefits Of Wearing Foot Ring 

    Toe rings for women are also thought to have potential benefits for acupressure. This is because they exert pressure on certain nerves in the feet that are known to support a woman's reproductive system and more like: 

    Gynae Problems 

    According to one idea, massaging the second toe—where we wear the toe ring—can be used to cure gynaecological problems. The jewellery item supposedly stimulates certain neurons that contribute in controlling the reproductive system.

    According to popular opinion, it's excellent for controlling the menstrual cycle. According to legend, a nerve that runs from the second finger to the big toe connects our uterus to the heart. A silver toe ring is typically advised because it is said to absorb energy created by both the ground and the body and aid in system unification in our bodies.


    Toe rings are claimed to balance the uterus and a woman's menstrual cycle, which is said to aid in conception. Wearing toe rings is also thought to indicate that the child will be conceived out of love, according to another theory.

    Calming & Blood Pressure 

    According to astrology, the toe ring's silver metal aids in preserving the effects that the moon may have on the body. According to the concept that you function best when you are calm and cool-headed, the moon soothes the mind and heart, facilitating better decision-making. Another aspect of the theory is that if you are calm, your blood pressure will also be under control.

    Tips To Keep In Mind While Wearing Toe Rings

    Toe rings should always be tried on before purchase to ensure comfort. Since they are adjustable, you won't feel the need to have them specially made, which is a nice thing.

    The first knuckle and the base of the toe should be able to accommodate toe rings. Remember that different shapes and sizes may not all fit equally. It's ideal to pay close attention to how your foot feels while wearing one. Toe rings shouldn't be too slack that they fall off or too tight that they restrict your blood flow.

    Why Buy From iTokri?

    iTokri specializes in a variety of handcrafted traditional jewellery that originates back in Indian history such as toe rings,  anklets,  silver jewellery,  necklaces,  silver earrings,  silver nose pins, etc. Find the best collection ofsilver toe rings online at iTokri. Shopping from iTokri is easy and accessible. Our user friendly customer service allows you to have a seamless shopping experience. 


    What is the best way to wear toe rings?

    Comfort should never be compromised in the case of toe rings. Choose a toe ring that perfectly fits your finger and does not create difficulty for you while walking. The best way to wear a toe ring would be to simply put them around your finger and adjust them according to your requirements. 

    What is the benefit of wearing toe rings?

    The second finger of the feet is connected to the woman’s uterus. Wearing a pure toe ring on this finger is said to connect it to the uterus and make it stronger by regulating the menstrual cycle of women. 

    What does it mean if a girl wears toe rings?

    Silver toe rings worn by girls or unmarried women allow them to get at ease during periods. It connects to the uterus and reduces periods of pain and discomfort for them. 

    Is toe rings good for you?

    Yes wearing a toe ring can be found very beneficial for women. Among the various benefits, toe rings help regulate blood pressure, keep your well-being proper, bring good luck, and increase your chances of success. 

    How do I know my toe ring size?

    You can measure your toe ring size similarly to the way you measure your finger ring size. Usually, your pinky finger size is the toe size however, you should cross-check it with the size chart of the toe ring provided by the company. 

    What does wearing a toe ring mean?

    Toe rings have been a part of Indian culture for a very long time. Toe rings mark the marital status of women in India and are usually worn in pairs on the second toe of each foot by married women while unmarried maidens wear them on the third toe. Men in Southern India also wear toe rings as it symbolises their masculine strength.

    The hoops are mostly silver as gold is only allowed to be worn above the waist in India among the Hindus. In ancient India, since the mythology of Ramayana, toe rings have held significance. So for Hindu women, toe rings remain one of the most important parts of jewellery and custom. Apart from that, in Ayurveda, it is believed that the second toe is connected to the uterus, thus the pressure from the toe rings on the nerves of the second toe helps regulate the menstrual cycle and maintains a healthy uterus, while it is believed that wearing silver toe rings on the third toe can help reduce and ease the period pain. 

    Toe rings always had cultural importance in many other ancient civilizations as well apart from Hinduism.

    Which type of toe ring is the best?

    Toe rings are gorgeous pieces of jewellery that have become wildly popular in the west. Toe rings are a fashion statement but to pick the perfect piece, make sure the toe ring fits comfortably and should not be tight enough for it to be taken off forcefully. Explore at iTokri for the most beautiful collection of traditional toe rings.

    There are various new designs emerging and these are some of our favourite and most popular toes rings on iTokri:

    • Swirl design: This is an elegant and beautiful design that is very popular. This is adjustable and can fit as desired.
    • Open-end design: It is for a better fit and comfort.
    • Floral pattern: These designs exclude a delicate timeless beauty. Flowers add to the beauty and floral toe rings are absolutely gorgeous and an all-time favourite.
    • Intricate design: This particular trendy design radiates art and traditional craftsmanship and it gives an extra Indian touch to the traditional toe rings. 
    • Toe rings with Stones or beaded: It is another classic piece that will never go out of style. Pair the stone with your birthstone and add extra spiritual meaning to this gorgeous piece of jewellery.
    • Simple bands: Silver toe rings or gold toe rings as just plain bands add to the minimalistic and modern style. 

    Toe rings can never go wrong with any outfit.

    Are toe rings uncomfortable?

    With the correct size, they are not. Using open-end toe rings can minimise discomfort if the ring is a tight fit. In the case of wearing boots or toe-covering shoes or socks, a band toe ring is the most suitable option to minimise discomfort as well. Also, metals must be paid attention to. In case of skin infections or allergic reactions like rashes, keep away from metal alloys like nickel, copper, rose gold, or other plated metals. Choose pure metals like platinum or tantalum for sensitive skin.

    Can toe rings be worn on fingers?

    Toe rings can definitely be worn on fingers, given the size fits both fingers and toes.

    But generally, the size differs, so don't try to wear finger rings as toe rings, it would be uncomfortable and not fit. Buy finger rings from the gorgeous collection of rings online at iTokri.

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