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    Indian Handloom Industry 

    The Indian handloom industry is one of the oldest cottage businesses in the world, and it contributes significantly to the country's economy. After agriculture, the handloom industry is the second largest sector, employing more than 65 lakh people. This sector produces 19 per cent of all fabric produced in the country, and it is distinguished by its flexibility, invention, and originality. 

    Unique Garments Collection in iTokri

    For Women 

    • Indian Handloom Industry 

      The Indian handloom industry is one of the oldest cottage businesses in the world, and it contributes significantly to the country's economy. After agriculture, the handloom industry is the second largest sector, employing more than 65 lakh people. This sector produces 19 per cent of all fabric produced in the country, and it is distinguished by its flexibility, invention, and originality. 

      Unique Garments Collection in iTokri

      For Women 

      The versatile handloom Kurtis is sure to lift up your style statement. When compared to machine-made cotton, this hand-woven cotton Kurtis online for women is more comfortable to wear and breathable. In the summer, this Kurti will keep you cool, and in the winter, it will keep you warm. As a result, these Kurtis are versatile! These cotton Kurtis are available online in India in a variety of designs and colours to suit your mood and style.

      Everyone's favourite costume is a night suit. Your mental serenity rests in the night suits you'll be wearing after you get home, no matter how expensive a suit you're wearing.

      Choose from a wide range of online garments in skirts such as A-Line skirts, bell-shaped skirts, circle skirts, culottes, divided skirts, full skirts, gored skirts, inverted pleated skirts, pleated skirts, short skirts, straight skirts, underskirt, wrap skirt online or wrap around skirts, designer long skirts online, a ballerina skirts, printed skirts, broomstick skirt, bubble skirt, cargo skirt, crinoline, dirndl and denim skirt. Buy skirts online from iTokri, which offers a diverse selection of handcraftedgarments selection in skirts in a variety of colours and patterns, including batik print running stitch pure cotton linen skirts, buy long skirts onlineor buy skirts online, Barmer print skirts, and more.

      Sanganeri cotton pattern unisex boxers/shorts are available in the best selection on iTokri. You have a variety of sizes to select from, ranging from S to XXL. The 100% cotton handloom garment cotton fabric with sanganeri hand block patterns is produced by hand. The elastic waistband allows you to move freely in any setting, while the panel seams guarantee a secure fit.

      Handloom T-shirts offer a traditional touch to every outfit. Cotton hand-embroidered clothing that is both comfortable and stylish is a great addition to your wardrobe. Cotton t-shirts have long been known for their breathability and capacity to absorb moisture. Even in the sweltering heat, high-quality handloom shirts make it easy to stay cool. Our handcrafted t-shirts with traditional patterns look stylish and showcase the expert workmanship of local artists from all around India.

      Palazzo pants can be dressed in a variety of ways, but the most common is to wear them loosely, almost like a maxi instead of a pant. \When it comes to waistlines, there are two types: high-waisted and low-raised, with each offering a different take on the palazzo pant style. Closer-fitting palazzo pants collection has a zip at the front or side, while looser models have an elasticated or drawstring waist to keep them in place. Women's lounge pants are the most comfortable option.

      Tunics are a terrific way to get those flattering, loose-fitting, and airy options from your garments when the heat is sweltering and you need to stay cool. The appropriate tunic top garments online can make your entire ensemble look very flattering, and you'll be the stylish diva you've always wanted to be. They're a versatile piece of clothing that offers both comfort and style in any situation. Buy tunics online at iTokri.

      There's no doubt that a saree looks its best when it's paired with a good companion, such as a lovely blouse. No matter how lovely the saree is, if the blouse isn't equally distinctive, your ensemble will fall flat. This is why a vibrant and fascinating handloom blouse can breathe new life into even the most basic sarees! Kantha, Batik, Chanderi, Ajrakh, Silk, Block Print, Bagh Print, Ikat, Jamdani, Mangalgiri, Kalamkari, kutchi, Mushru Silk, Natural Dyed, Tussar Silk embroidery blouses are the ideal combination of feminine and understated, making them appropriate for any occasion.

      Handloom sarees, commonly known as churidar sarees, are sarees that are woven by hand. Natural, unstabilized fibres, such as silk and cotton, are used in this saree, which is normally woven on a hand-operated loom. Traditional churidar sarees are often made of cotton, although they can also be made of silk. The ajrakh print saree is a handloom saree type.

      A woman's dupatta is the most essential aspect of her outfit in India. A dupatta is a long scarf that can be draped in a variety of ways and worn with any clothing to transform it. When you wear one, it not only protects your head from direct sunshine, but it also makes you feel more confident about yourself! iTokri provides something for everyone, so you can pick from a wide range of designer dupattas that are all within your budget. 

      Fabrics like cotton and wool come to mind when most people think of garment materials. There are, however, a variety of alternative materials that can be used to produce clothing. Embroidered clothing fabrics are one such material. Embroidered clothing materials are textiles that have been embellished with embroidery motifs and patterns. We offer the highest quality churidar and salwar fabrics, as well as cotton and unstitched clothing materials. iTokri is a well-known and well-liked website where individuals may buy clothing materials online.

      When it comes to wearing stoles, the options are unlimited because they can be worn in a variety of ways, including scarf-style around the collar for warmth during the winter months or thrown over shoulders as a cover, among other things. All you have to do now is keep an eye out for your favourite. At iTokri, you can choose from a unique assortment of designer stoles. These are ideal for any event, whether casual or formal, because of their trendy patterns, various fabrics, and hand-made quality. It's time to put your best foot forward! Now is the time to get your hands on one!

      For Men 

      Gone are the days when men thought they had few options when it came to fashion. Men's shirts, for example, now come in a wide range of fabrics, prints, and purposes. Men can dress up their outfits with a printed cotton t-shirt and basic chinos or even jeans. These breezy styles will keep you cool and make you look fantastic in summer, whether it's a casual day out with friends, a brunch, or even a day at the workplace. iTokri has a wide selection of casual shirts for guys that may be used for a range of circumstances. Men's printed shirts come in a variety of prints, including Ikat, Ajrak, and hand block.

      For Kids

      Children's half-sleeve t-shirt made of high-quality natural coloured cotton with a special hand block print. In Rajasthan, experienced fourth-generation textile printers create contemporary designs using traditional procedures. With a modern style and design, this slow fashion, hand block printed cotton shirt brings back the appreciation for old techniques.

      It's a lot of fun to dress up kids. If you want to start constructing a wardrobe for your child or looking for gifting ideas, iTokri has a range of kids' shirts for you. If you're searching to buy kids' shirts online in India but don't know where to start or what kind to get so you don't waste money, have a look at our selection. We have Bagru print, Ikat, Ajrakh, and other traditional designs printed on shirts. Cotton, linen, and other fabrics that will not make the youngster feel uncomfortable are used.

      Handmade nappy/diapers/langot for newborns created from fine quality hand block printed pure cotton fabric. This cotton nappy/diapers/langot keeps your kid dry, warm, and comfy in any condition.

      • Rompers

      Handmade baby full sleeves long romper/sleepsuit made of fine quality hand block printed pure cotton fabric. Get your little ones this adorable baby sleepsuit. In this romper/sleepsuit, your baby will be comfy and happy all day.

      Different Fabrics/Materials Used For Handloom Garments

      • Khadi Fabric

      Khadi, commonly known as khaddar, is a natural handwoven fabric composed mostly of cotton. Silk and wool are two other types of khadi fabric. Khadi handloom garments have a rough texture that makes them comfortable to wear in both summer and winter. Khadi fabric now comes in a variety of colours, prints, and styles, ranging from Kantha to block prints. In addition, the fabric comes in different types of clothes such as t-shirts, skirts, and jeans. Khadi is currently made by machines as a result of industrialization. Not only has this decreased production time, but it has also made the garments collection available in new cuts and styles. Khadi is one of India's most well-known fabric labels.

      • Embroidery 

      Embroidery is the art of using needles to adorn fabrics and adhere them to things. Adding decorative materials like pearls, beads, and quills is a frequent practice. Embroidery is now used to enhance the appearance of headgear, blankets, skirts, denim, handloom cotton shirts online and other items. Embroidery adds value to plainly dyed fabrics and gives them a pleasant, stylish appearance.

      • Dyed Fabric

      Dying cloth is the process of using dyes or pigments to change the colour of a textile material such as fibres, yarns, or textiles. The dye is fixed to the cloth by absorption, diffusion, or bonding it with the fabric over a period of time and temperature that is controlled. Dyed fabrics are in high demand in the market since they are both aesthetically beautiful and fashionably current. To stain the fabric with the desired hue, dyes are manufactured from natural pigments. Almost all materials may now be dyed to desired hues using a variety of procedures.

      • Georgette Fabric

      Georgette is a type of crepe fabric made from tightly twisted yarns. On the textile's surface, this generates a crinkle effect. Georgette is a lightweight, matte-finish fabric. silk Georgette resembles silk chiffon in appearance but is less sheer because of the tighter weave. Georgette comes in a variety of printed colourful hues and floral prints, as well as solid colours.

      • Cashmere Fabric

      Cashmere goats are used to make this wool-like fabric. Cashmere is sometimes compared to silk since the fibres used in the fabric are fine and moth-resistant. Cashmere, on the other hand, is lighter than other wool clothes type. As a result, cashmere is mixed with other types of wool, such as merino. Only cashmere wool is fine, and this is one of them.

      Check for fine quality online garments on iTokri. From readymade garments collection to handmade home decor items we have brought for you handloom fabrics made by expert artisans from all over India. 

      Types Of Garments And Their Beauty

      A blouse is a piece of women's clothing that covers the upper torso. The blouse, like a shirt, can be a Long-sleeved tee and a shirt with a short sleeve. Blouses with no sleeves are usually constructed of a lighter fabric than their 'shirt' counterparts, and they frequently have more intriguing elements like lace collars, gathers, pleats, pintucks, and so on.

      The caftan (sometimes called kaftan) is a loose-fitting garment popularised in the 1950s. It was traditionally open in the front, but in the 2000s, it was frequently made closed as a simple pull-on style dress or cover-up. Choose the best kaftan to style up your dress from a wide range of handloom garments at iTokri. 

      • Cardigan 

      Isn't it true that we've all worn cardigans crocheted by our grandmothers? Cardigans, like sweaters, are composed of knit fabrics and have a front opening. They can be zippered, but most people prefer a button opening.

      • Cloak

      A cloak is a type of overgarment that can cover merely the upper body or extend to the thighs, knees, and even ankles. They usually have slots in the front that allow the arms to pass through when needed.

      • Leggings

      Leggings, which are worn on the legs, have been popular casual wear for many years, but their historical roots date back to the Middle Ages as a cold-weather underlayer! Leggings are now made of an elasticized fabric that is usually knit and worn quite close to the body. They're also available in a variety of lengths, ranging from full length (waist to ankle) to low rise capri length and more! Purchase the finest quality online garments from iTokri. 

      It is a misconception that handloom clothing belongs only to women, men too can try their hands on handloom cotton shirts online, it has a breathable fabric which keeps your skin protected from any bacteria, dirt and sweat. T-shirts manufactured by hand are meticulously designed. At iTokri, you can browse the whole assortment of handloom shirts online and shop from the comfort of your own home. We have a large selection of cotton kids' T-shirts and shorts that are suitable for any occasion. The t-shirt designs are available in a variety of bright and bold colours, including blue, red, green, black, yellow, and many others. Their elegant themes and traditional prints set them apart and set them out from the competition. Handmade t-shirts are known for being extremely durable and inexpensive, and they boost your style quotient.

      Why Buy From iTokri?

      iTokri, an  handicraft store is India's most popular and well-reviewed crafts and garments store, with a diverse selection of one-of-a-kind India's traditional garments. We not only help the country's economy by encouraging our customers to buy exclusively handcrafted items, but we also help rural undiscovered artisans make a living. Additionally, our online store offers a wide range of handmade items and products, including handmade  bed covers online,Indian fabrics online,  applique work cushion covers,  ajrak print cushion covers, Barmer, cutlery online, fridge magnets, wooden spoons, handmade coasters, stationery, handmade diaries, sling bags, fabrics online sarees, dress material, stoles, cotton masks online, home and kitchen, jewellery, woollens, paintings, rakhi etc.

      Our services include fast product delivery (within seven days) as well as free shipping on orders over Rs. 500. In addition, iTokri has made an e-gift card available to our customers in the case that they are unable to choose the right items for their loved ones.

      iTokri is India's original #madeinIndia store, offering a wide range of handcrafted goods and services on its websites.

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

      1. What is considered a garment?

      A garment is a piece of clothing; it is most commonly used when discussing the manufacture or sale of clothing. Customers' name tags are sewn into the linings of many of the garments.

      2. How many types of garments are there?

      Bloomers, Blouse, Bodysuit, Bustier, Kaftan, Cardigan, Cloak are some of the basic examples of various types of garments. 

      3. Are pants garments?

      Yes, pants are considered as garments. 

      4. What is the difference between textiles and garments?

      The term "garment" refers to an item of clothing. It's a general term that doesn't refer to a specific type of apparel. A shirt or a dress is an example. The term "textile" refers to a material made by weaving or interlacing strands.

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