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    Phulkari Dupattas

    The Mystery Behind Beautifully Designed Phulkari Dupatta

    Phulkari, for centuries, has been celebrated as an essential part of a Punjabi girl’s life. However, this traditional embroidery from Punjab dates back to the 15th century and continues to delight and astonish. A revered artwork, Phulkari comes from two words, ‘Phul’ and ‘Kari’ which means flower and embroidery. 

    Phulkari was done as communal work by women earlier in the day. They would gather around in their free time to make hand-woven Phulkari dupattas...

    The Mystery Behind Beautifully Designed Phulkari Dupatta

    Phulkari, for centuries, has been celebrated as an essential part of a Punjabi girl’s life. However, this traditional embroidery from Punjab dates back to the 15th century and continues to delight and astonish. A revered artwork, Phulkari comes from two words, ‘Phul’ and ‘Kari’ which means flower and embroidery. 

    Phulkari was done as communal work by women earlier in the day. They would gather around in their free time to make hand-woven Phulkari dupattas. Which were then gifted to women getting married. These hand-embroidered artworks were made on hand-spun cloth called “khaddar” traditionally, with different kinds of embroidery created purely using imagination and colors that represented the spirit of Punjab using silken thread. Every Phulkari made in the olden days would weave a story in its pattern. 

    Many skilled artisans still do not make irregular patterns on the cloth and depend majorly on their creativity for designs and colour combinations.  Embroidered Phulkari is a must-have in a newly married woman’s trousseau. And it is usually handmade by her family members. Red, orange, yellow, and green are the t preferred colours for making Phulkari dupattas, stoles, suits, and even sarees. 

    Phulkari For New Generations

    Like all things, the traditional Punjabi Phulkari  has  evolved over the years to cater to its admirers' tastes. While most of the older Phulkari embroidery was done on a coarse cloth called‘Khadar’, Phulkari is now done on all fabrics. From Chanderi silk to cotton  to Kota Doria, you will find the best Phulkari embroidery on various materials, clothing, and accessories. 


    While many motifs and designs are sewn,‘bagh’ is the most intrinsic and famous Phulkari design.Baghembroidery, when done, covers the entire base cloth with such closely done stitches that the base cloth is wholly hidden under it. This is one of the most original Phulkari forms that can cost up to lakhs. However, there are many options if you wish to get Embroidered Phulkari for yourself but something that isn’t too heavy on work. 

    Chope is another popular Phulkari embroidery stitch close to a Punjabi woman's heart. Traditionally, this is gifted to a bride by her grandmother. It is said that a grandmother would start making chops once her granddaughter is born and would carry them with her once she gets married. This is how deep-rooted Phulkari is in Punjab’s culture. Chope is sometimes adorned with a peacock or cow as a symbol of protection and well-being for the girl. Ikka/Meenakari Bagh, Kaudi Bagh, Surajmukhi Phulkari, Pachranga Phulkari, Veliana-da-bagh, etc are all other motifs that are usually associated with Phulkari work. 

    Amritsari Phulkari Dupatta & Its Elegance:

    Women have worn Punjabi Phulkari Dupatta worldwide as it carries the charm of Punjab. Famous Amritsari Phulkari is highly in demand in India and across the globe. The hand-embroidered Phulkari is  worn as a dupatta, saree, or suit. The gorgeous handwoven Phulkari dupattas have been around for generations for their sheer exquisite look.

    Classic Ways to Style A Phulkari Dupatta: 

    The thing about traditional Phulkari is that it is super colourful and can be matched with anything. Since red, green, yellow, and orange Phulkari dupattas are the most common base colours, you can pair them with similarly coloured kurtas. Add the Punjabi juttis & parandi, and you are ready to become the pind-di-kudi swag. 

    Sarees never go out of style. Phulkari Kota Doria sarees are light and easy to carry in the summer. You can use even accessories with Phulkari by adding Phulkari work handbags and potlis or even belts made using these. However, if desi is not your style, we suggest you buy the traditional Punjabi Phulkari dupatta with Jaal embroidery  and wear it as a cape or long jacket. You can even wear heavily embroidered Phulkari dupattas  for your wedding shoot. Or add the beauty of a Chanderi silk stole to your regular jeans and white shirt for that indo-meet-western look. 

    Premium Range of Phulkari Work Dupattas Available at iTokri

    We have an impressive assortment of Punjabi dupattas that are available online:

    Chapa work Phulkari Chunni

    Chapa work refers to the use of mirrors for making a Phulkari chunni. Our Ranihati Chapa Work Phulkari Embroidery Chanderi Silk Stole is simply outstanding and it will make an amazing addition to your wardrobe. 

    Mirror Work Phulkari Dupatta

    Intricate thread work and beautiful mirror work impart a gorgeous look to the phulkari chunni, which makes it look ethereal. You can try out the Phulkari Embroidery Mirror Work Chinon Silk Dupatta if you are looking for an Amritsar Phulkari dupatta online. 

    Hand Embroidery Punjabi Dupatta 

    Hand-embroidered Punjabi dupattas can elevate the charm of ethnic clothing significantly. Their exquisiteness and beauty are stunning. We have several options in this category including the Phulkari Hand Embroidery Kota Doria Silk Dupatta with Tassels

    Unique Phulkari Dupatta Design Available At iTokri

    We have many gorgeous designs available if you are thinking about buying a trendy or heavy Phulkari dupatta for yourself or your loved ones: 

    Paisley Design Phulkari Chunni

    The gorgeous paisley print works very well when we talk about a heavy Phulkari dupatta. Many cultures believe that the paisley motif is a symbol of abundance and that resonates beautifully with the Punjabi tradition as well. 

    Floral Design Punjabi Phulkari Dupatta

    Floral patterns have an unparalleled charm attributed to them. The dainty appeal and vibrancy of this particular pattern can significantly elevate the appeal of your Phulkari dupatta. 

    Geometric Pattern Phulkari Work Dupatta

    If you are a fan of symmetry and cohesive designs, our geometric Phulkari dupattas are going to greatly appeal to you. 

    Ethnic Punjabi Phulkari Chunni

    The traditional designs and embroidery on our ethnic Phulkari dupattas personify the glorious heritage of Punjab. You are bound to fall in love with it.

    Increatnate Demand For Phulkari Dupatta in the International Market

    The growing worldwide market for Indian Phulkari Dupattas indicates a growing awareness for the extensive cultural legacy and beautiful craftsmanship that this ancient Indian material embodies. Phulkari, or "flower work," is a complex embroidery style that originated in the Indian state of Punjab. Phulkari dupattas from India are distinguished by their brilliant and vivid threadwork, which is generally done in flower or geometrical motifs. 

    Why Buy From iTokri?

    iTokri houses the finest and most authentic Indian handicraft artifacts. All our products are directly sourced from master artisans and shipped to the customers to ensure we provide the most authentic products. iTokri believes in building long-lasting and trusting relationships with its customers across the globe. Our vast collection of Indian crafts, clothing, jewellery, and accessories is unmatched online. We are your one-stop shop for dupattasIndian fabricshandloom sarees, Indian art, Diwali gifts online, herbal Holi colours, etc. We take bulk orders too.


    What is the Punjabi phulkari dupatta?

    A Traditionally hand-embroidered dupatta from Punjab is called the Phulkari. It is derived from“phul”," flower ", and“Kari”, meaning handwork. 

    How do you style the phulkari dupatta? 

    Pair it with a plain kurta & churidar for the best way to style a phulkari dupatta. 

    What is the price of a phulkari dupatta? 

    The starting price of a phulkari dupatta is Rs 1500 and can go up to lakhs. However, at iTokri, you will find everything that suits your budget.

    Is the phulkari dupatta handmade?

    Traditionally, Phulkari is handwoven; however, with growing demands, many machine-made Phulkari dupattas are also available. To determine whether you are buying a machine-made or a handmade dupatta, look for the stitch on the other side.

    Which place is famous for phulkari work?

    Punjab is famous for Phulkari; however, Amritsar, Ludhiana, & Patiala are known for their craftsmanship.

    What kind of material is used for phulkari chunni?

    There are several materials used for making fulkari chunni. Some of the most common materials used are:

    • Silk Chinon
    • Kota Doria Silk 
    • Chanderi Silk 

    How to care for a Punjabi phulkari dupatta?

    To care for your Punjabi Phulkari dupatta, you should get it dry-cleaned to preserve its texture. In case you decide to hand wash your dupatta, you should always do it with a mild detergent and allow the dupatta to flat air dry instead of tumble drying it in the dryer.

    Have you shipped the phulkari work dupatta internationally?

    Yes, we have made successful deliveries internationally and our customers are 100% satisfied.  

    What is the return policy for international orders of Punjabi dupatta?

    Because we are consumers ourselves and understand how stressful it may be when something you buy isn't quite right, we provide a comprehensive "no fuss" assurance for each of our consumers.

    If your items have been damaged, you obtain an inaccurate product, or you are simply dissatisfied with what you have gotten, we will gladly provide you with the following alternatives:

    - You can exchange the products for an equal-value replacement or receive a full reimbursement for the purchase price.

    Are there any other charges for international orders?

    We only ask for courier service charges and there are no additional charges for for your international order.

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