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    Mashru fabric is made through satin weave wherein there's the interlacing of silk and cotton yarns. It is believed that Mashru fabric is also stronger and more durable than many other Silk fabrics.

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    Process of Mashru Weaving

    The mashru fabric is made of silk and cotton, with silk for the warp and cotton for the warp. Each silk fabric passes under the cotton thread once and over the cotton thread about 5-8 times. After the fabric is completely woven, wash it with cold water and hit it with a hammer.

    Mashru of Kutch

    Historically, Mashru was a hand-woven satin silk fabric variety that was found in the Indian subcontinent, and its proper use of it is described in the 16th-century Ain-i-Akbari. Mashru cloth was earlier woven for the Muslim population, who held that silk should not touch a person's skin.