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    Jamdani Srikakulam is very different from other Jamdani counterparts. Srikakulam, particularly Ponduru and its surrounding areas, is famous for its grayish-white hand-woven cotton fabric, often used to decorate simple butas fabrics woven in contrasting colors using the Jamdani technique.

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    Process of Srikakulam Jamdani Weaving

    Srikakulam jamdani is mainly a very simple pattern created to the width of the fabric using the jamdani technique. This sample is transferred to a separate set of profile rods (usually 6 - 8 buta healds). The weaver lifts each end one at a time as he weaves, and as the warp rises in a pattern, a pattern is created.

    Srikakulam Jamdani Weaving of Andhra Pradesh

    A year-long project, Khadi, a Canvas involves meticulously recreating Varma's most famous artworks woven on the sari's pallu, using the Srikakulam Jamdani technique. Shah's team created 600 shades of natural dye to recreate the same colors found in the portraits and dyed more than 200 kilograms of yarn. The Srikakulam Jamdani technique allows you to create an entire pattern without repetition unlike other weaving techniques such as Banarasi, Paithani, or Bengal Jamdani, the Srikakulam technique involves placing 6 meters of drawing paper under the fabric used by the weaver to create templates.