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    Patti ka Kaam is a dying traditional applique style embroidery craft mainly practiced in Aligarh and Rampur, Uttar Pradesh. In this, floral designs are created on clothes with a combination of patchwork and embroidery.

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    Process of Patti kaam applique

    The fabric cuts were shaped into motifs, bordered by the base fabric, and the stems were embroidered with the stem stitches. This craft was famous during the Mughal Empire. The application was made with fine muslin, white cotton fabric, or organza. In the past, many female workers were accustomed to working in this craft.

    Patti Kaam Applique of Uttar Pradesh

    It is estimated that several thousand women living in different parts of Aligarh are currently engaged in the work of Phool Patti. This work remains the domain of the wives and daughters of businessmen, designers, trainers, Patti karigars, laborers, and tailors as well as seamstresses. However, sometimes men also participate in marketing and also support their female artisans, such as cutting materials. Aligarh's karigars or Patti embroiderers are often the poorest women in town, many of whom are illiterate. Income from this profession provides the means of employment and wages to secure their homes for many illiterate women from economically backward communities.