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    Sabai grass is a high-grade natural fiber belonging to the grass family. It is commonly grown in Orissa, West Bengal in India, and parts of Nepal in China. Growing Sabai grass has brought light to the lives of the tribes and the poor in the Mayurbhanj region of the state of Orissa.

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    Process of Sabai grass weaving

    After harvesting, the grass is dried in the sun, sorted by length and quality, and then packed into bundles. To make the rope, the grass is twisted by hand and then a cycle wheel is used to tighten these twists. The next step is to remove the roughness from these twists.

    Sabai Grass Weaving of West bengal

    It was the British many centuries ago who recognized the usefulness of Sabai Grass, as it was a strong and durable natural fiber and perfect for their military use. So they hired these rural people and also craftsmen from Kolkata to make ropes for them. Today, these Sabai Grass products contribute to the ecological revolution and outperform synthetic products. The dyes used for coloring are natural and therefore Sabai grass and Bengal carpets are in great demand in Western countries.